Mariah Carey Celebrates Her Birthday With Her Inner 12-Year-Old

Posted on March 28th, 2014 at 3:03 pm

mariah1We all know Mariah Carey has a love of butterflies, rainbows, sparkly things and other stuff that...well...appeals to pre-teen girls.

And the superstar is letting us know that it's because she's eternally 12-years-old at heart!

The now 44-year-old extended her Thursday birthday into Friday by celebrating in her PJ's with cupcakes treats.

"I'm treating today as 3/27 part 2 and everybody is pipping it up! #festivitycontinues #eternally12" Mimi captioned her adorable Instagram photo.

She can celebrate all she wants with her inner child since the day before she got some major adult bling - and flaunted major adult cleavage - for her actual birthday celebration.

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