Lorde Laughs Off Lesbian Rumors Surrounding Bestie Taylor Swift

Posted on March 10th, 2014 at 8:55 am

Taylor Swift and Lorde have a girls' shopping day together

Taylor Swift and New Zealand songbird Lorde have been inseparable in recent weeks.

But the 17-year-old was quick to shoot down rumors that the pair were in fact involved in a lesbian relationship together.

Speaking with Kyle Sandilands on Australia's KIIS FM on Monday Lorde stoutly defended their relationship.

Sandilands said: "I see you guys' pictures everywhere are you guys together now?

"Not together in lesbians, I'm not talking 'Ellen together' I 'm talking about, like you guys are friendly right?"

To which Lorde responded: "What do you mean you're not talking about 'Ellen together', is there something wrong with lesbians?"

But when the host tried to get the singer to confirm that Swift and her were really in a lesbian relationship, he was quickly shot down.

"Don't even try it," blasted back Lorde.

Lorde recently announced that she was going on an Australian tour in April and May - playing concerts in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth. Sydney, Newcastle and Brisbane.

And no doubt her best pal Taylor Swift will attend some of her gigs Down Under.

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