Lisa Vanderpump Returning To RHOBH? ‘I’d Rather Go In The Ring With Mike Tyson’

Posted on March 28th, 2014 at 4:01 pm


Although being on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has afforded Lisa Vanderpump a spin-off reality TV show, more customers to her restaurants, a cameo in a Lady Gaga video and a gig on Dancing with the Stars, the British diva is hinting she may leave the show.

On Friday night's Hello Ross!, Lisa says she's been bashed on the show for the past seven weeks and she's tired of it.

The main culprit? Brandi Glanville. "What she say? I filed for bankruptcy. No I didn't ... it's really, really irritating," she tells Ross Mathews.

When asked if she spreads lies about her co-stars too, Lisa answers, "Do I look like I would?"

So does that mean, she's not coming back for next season of RHOBH -- if there is one? "Right now," she says. "I'd rather go in the ring with Mike Tyson -- do five rounds, you know, make it 25 rounds, because it's been too much!"

Hello Ross! airs Friday at 10 p.m. on E!

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  • 4 Responses

    1. Serious says:

      Lisa I hate to hear your leaving but I support you. I think they are destroying your character/reputation. Good Luck

    2. itsjustme says:

      I wouldn’t blame Lisa in the least if she chose to not return. How many lies and bashing can one person take.

    3. Michael says:

      Exactly why do people think Lisa is so important to the show??? She says she is a bystander in any drama is involved in. Nothing is ever her fault. Any snarky comments she makes she passes off as jokes, but somebody jokes about her and she considers it a sin. What exactly does she bring to the show except Giggy, and that dogs is way past his prime. Let her go. In fact, let them all go and move to a new city.

    4. Pinkie31 says:

      I love Lisa an Ken, to think that they wouldn’t be on no more is pretty sad I have always been looking forward too see Lisa more then anyone of the housewives on Beverly Hills so if Lisa & Ken are not on the show it’s not worth watching no more bottom line.

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