LeAnn Rimes “Broke And Alone” or Worth $50 Million??

Posted on March 26th, 2014 at 10:35 am

leeYou've gotta love Star magazine when it comes to covering LeAnn Rimes.

They seem to contradict themselves every week on the status of her career, her marriage to Eddie Cirbian and her fortune. One minute she's dealing with a $50 million divorce. The next she's "broke and alone" as this week's cover claims.

And it's not lost on the singer.

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The 31-year-old noted "hahahaha wow, I must sell a lot of Star mags! Flattered" on her Twitter Wednesday morning after seeing this week's cover story claiming that "her millions are gone and so is Eddie."

Just last November Star claimed she was embroiled in a $50 million divorce battle!

So let's get this straight. Four months ago she was worth millions and getting a divorce, while today all that money is gone and she and Eddie are done.

For the record, they're still together, LeAnn's career is doing fine and the Star does some hilarious works of fiction.

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    1. Lola Mouse says:

      I don’t care what is up with her money, she should be embarrassed of her unemployed mooch gold-digger of a husband. Let’s face it he didn’t marry Rimes for her looks or sanity!

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