How Steve Harvey Got Out Of A $20 Million IRS Lien: I Worked And Worked

Posted on March 10th, 2014 at 10:59 am

videSteve Harvey made a startling announcement Monday - he had a $20 million IRS tax lien against him.  And he paid it off!!

The funny man made the revelation on The View that when his financial planner died, it was discovered that his taxes hadn't been filed for seven years. 

Harvey was going over something with his lawyer when they made the discovery.  

"I went to work.  I can make a lot of money telling jokes. If you can fill up a 10,000 seat arena, they give you a big check for that. I worked every Friday, every Saturday I kept the radio show, I had Family Feud.  I just worked and worked and grinded and grinded."

He overheard on a conference call among his management team that "he can't get out of this."

But he did through constant work and the support of his beloved wife Marjorie Bridges.

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