Do We Really Need To See Justin Bieber Peeing In Jail? No

Posted on March 6th, 2014 at 4:19 pm


I understand why news organizations would want to see the video of Justin Bieber in jail.

I agree that Justin taking a sobriety test could be newsworthy, but him peeing in jail?


Justin's attorney, Roy Black (you Housewives fans will recognize him from The Real Housewives of Miami), argued that releasing the video would be an invasion of privacy.

The Associated Press, the Miami Herald and CBS Television stations argued for the release of all video taken of the "Baby" singer. 

The judge ruled Justin's privacy outweighed the public's right to know, so he held back two videos that showed The Biebs' private parts while taking a drug test.

But, oddly enough, he agreed to release the video of the 20-year-old peeing.

RumorFix is NOT SHOWING that video -- albeit censored -- it only proves Justin has manners and tried very hard to flush the jail toilet.

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