Did L’Wren Scott Leave Her Entire Estate To Boyfriend Mick Jagger?

Posted on March 26th, 2014 at 5:55 pm
Still A Rumor

l'wrenWhile L'Wren Scott may not have left a suicide note after taking her life on March 17, she allegedly made explicit plans in her will that boyfriend Mick Jagger was to inherit her entire estate.

The New York Post claims to have seen Scott's probate documents and that in her will it reads "I give all my jewelry, clothing, household furniture and furnishings, personal automobiles, and other tangible articles of a personal nature, or my interest in any such property, not otherwise specifically disposed of by this will or any other matter together with my insurance on the property, to Michael Philip Jagger.

"I give the rest and residue of my estate to my Michael Philip Jagger."

While the documents allegedly show she left a $9 million estate, the majority of it was her $8 million New York condo where she killed herself.  In the days following her suicide, numerous outlets reported that it was Jagger who originally bought her the property.

The remaining $1 million in “tangible personal property and various other assets” was also to go to the Rolling Stones front man.

Scott -- who was born Laura Luann Bambrough in small town Utah -- left nothing to family. Her brother, niece and estranged sister were not mentioned in the will except the mention that "if otherwise provided in this will, I have intentionally omitted to provide herein for any other my heirs living at the date of my death."

It's unclear how much in outstanding debt Scott's failing business owed creditors.

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