VIDEO: George Clooney Gets Big Laughs At Gwnyeth Paltrow Vanity Fair Rumors

Posted on February 4th, 2014 at 3:12 pm

clooney14George Clooney is getting a good laugh over all the drama surrounding the Gwyneth Paltow/Vanity Fair faux-feud.

The 52-year-old Hollywood superstar is featured on the upcoming cover of the magazine's "Hollywood" issue alongside Julia Roberts.

And he obviously heard about all the crazy rumors that have been going on since last summer when it was alleged that Gwyneth Paltrow asked him and other famous friends to not talk to Vanity Fair on a planned article about her. The rumors escalated to Gwyneth demanding he turn down the cover of the much-anticipated annual issue and boycott the annual Vanity Fair post-Oscar bash.

During a behind the scenes shoot for the issue, Clooney and Roberts were asked "how do you feel about being on the Hollywood cover?" to which Julia replies "it's cool" while looking to George to see his response.

"I'm very excited.  It's going to be fun. That's what Gwyneth Paltrow told me to say" he deadpans to the camera while Julia and everyone else in the room explode with laughter.

"What the hell was that about? Why did I get pulled into that one?" he laughs. 

It's nice to know even mega-stars like George tune in to Hollywood gossip! See the video here.

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