Usher Sports Davy Crockett Fur Hat: It’s Sad And Sickening, Says PETA

Posted on February 24th, 2014 at 12:19 pm

usherUsher stepped out sporting a Davy Crockett fur hat on Monday, and PETA is not having it!

Just hours after the photograph was taken outside The Today Show studios in New York City, the animal rights group provided RumorFix with an exclusive statement regarding the singer's new accessory.

"When someone with so much good fortune fails to show even the smallest amount of understanding and mercy to others—in this case, animals whose very skin was taken from them and who died painfully for a hat—it is sad and sickening. PETA urges Usher to watch this video. Maybe it will inspire him to open his heart and change his accessories," a PETA spokesperson says. 

PETA is right, an innocent animal shouldn't have to be slaughtered for such a stupid-looking hat!

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    1. Richey Rich says:

      PETA makes me want to wear fur

    2. Carly says:


    3. Elen says:

      Somente pessoas feias usam peles de animais para ficarem bonitas.

    4. Animal friend says:

      With today’s advancements in technology there’s NO reason to slaughter an animal for fur!!! I’m really hoping it’s faux fur. If not he’s definitely lost my respect!

    5. ksyarbalito says:

      hopefully fur makes a comeback go usher

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