‘The Bachelor’: Andi Dorfman Mocks Juan Pablo On Twitter Following Epic Dump

Posted on February 26th, 2014 at 5:25 am

BACHELOR19-1386376842Tuesday night on The Bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis' Fantasy Suite became a nightmare after Andi Dorfman's shocking revelation that she didn't having feelings for the Latino heartthrob.

In what some viewers might call mean, Andi told off Juan Pablo saying she "can't stand it" how the Bachelor constantly tells her "It's OK." After their night together, Andi woke up realizing that Juan Pablo isn't that man she thought he was, “It’s important for me to be with a guy who loves me more than he loves himself." Basically, she got to know him and she just didn't like him.

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Andi definitely didn't sugar coat her feelings while arguing with him before she peaced out, and she hasn't changed her approach. On Twitter, she wrote,"Good night all! I leave you with some words of wisdom... Always remember... Eeees okay," Dorfman wrote, clearly mocking Galavis' accent.

She also tweeted, "Love all the support! Even though it didn't work out, I had the most amazing experience of my life! Truly grateful! #noregrets #Bachelor."


Do you think Andi could have been a bit more ladylike in portraying her feelings about the sour situation, or do you think she approached it perfectly?

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    1. Tom Peppermint says:

      She got all butthurt that the guy didn’t give a spit that she was leaving.

    2. jodyjean0821 says:

      Ladylike?!? Seriously? It’s 2014, not 1714. Get with the program man. You need classes or something. There was absolutely nothing wrong wih Miss Dorfman’s actions or words. Obviosly someone can’t appreciate a woman with intellignce, courage & a mind of her own. Maybe you are threatened by a woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind or have a laugh at some idiot’s cluelessness, perhaps you’ve met with a woman who could outwit you & are bitter; whatever the case may be, your sexist judgement belongs in the Stone Age.

      • Tracey says:

        i agree!

        • katie says:

          This is laughable. I think you may need a class on how to be respectful because this girl DID NOT show one ounce of respect.. Again, There is a different with being honest and being an a**hole, as Andi so openly said. I am a strong open minded women myself and I can do it without mocking and disrespecting someone. Juan Pablo completely respected her and her opinion, and still does by not getting all rude and defensive.

      • ErinRF says:

        @jodyjean0821:disqus I was just asking a question. I did not give my opinion either way. Thank you for looking out though!

    3. katie says:

      I definitely think she is acting immature. I have noooo doubt this was all planned on her behalf to try to get frontrunner as the next bachelorette. Gosh I hope NOT, I will not watch that, especially since after months of the show she is still tweeting and mocking nasty things. If she gets next bachelorette thatcwill indicate that this network supports this sad sad behavior! A famous line straight from “classy” girls mouth herself “there is a difference being honest and being an a**hole”. She may want to take a piece of her own advice! I think Juan Pablo was right, it IS ok. He is just reassuring her that if its not there, its not there. Just like he expressed to her before, “dont force it”. if there was something specific she wanted to talk about SAY THAT! Your in your 30’s, please act that way and open your mouth and say something at the correct time rather than come to him in a very disrespectful and discusting manner. People should be very ashamed for supporting someone mocking and disrespecting someone for the way they talk or act. Face it, he wasn’t that into you…

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