Scheana Marie: ‘It Is Nice Having Stassi Gone’

Posted on February 11th, 2014 at 3:47 pm


Stassi Schroeder has left SUR for a new life in New York and it seems she won’t be missed by her Vanderpump Rules castmate Scheana Marie, according to her latest Bravo TV blog.

On Part One of the Vanderpump Rules reunion, we learned that Stassi officially quit her job at SUR and moved to NYC to be closer to her new boyfriend, Patrick Meagher. If you ask Scheana Marie, Stassi leaving the West Hollywood hotspot couldn’t have come a moment sooner.

She wrote on her blog, “I definitely think the vibe at SUR is better now. Honestly it is nice having Stassi gone. She was a fake friend to me, and, as much as I will always care about her well being and I want her to be happy, I feel happier she isn't a big part of my life anymore.”

Seems like a harsh thing to say about a girl Scheana once said would be a bridesmaid in her wedding. But what could Stassi have done to get her bridesmaid card revoked? Scheana goes on to explain, “I was an amazing friend to Stassi when she didn't have anyone -- and she never fully was the same to me. She used me for what she needed at the time and when she was done, she was done. Simple as that. I don't want someone who is a fake friend a part of my wedding or my life.”

So why did Stassi decide to kick SUR to the curb and start over in the Big Apple? During the reunion she opened up to Andy Cohen saying, “After everything that happened with everyone … it’s over. Sorry. I love SUR, I’m so thankful for it, but I’m heartbroken by what my friends have done. “

After all the drama that unfolded this season, we can’t say we blame Stassi for wanting a fresh start. But does this mean we won’t be seeing any more of our favorite mean girl when Vanderpump Rules returns for Season Three?

It’s hard to imagine SUR without our beloved blonde waitress, but we wish her the best!

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