‘#RichKids’ Dorothy Wang No Longer Embarrassed Over Cabo Cry Fest

Posted on February 10th, 2014 at 12:23 pm

dorothyDorothy, Dorothy, Dorothy! #LoveMeSomeDorothy! 

Dorothy Wang made Sunday night's episode of #RichKids Of Beverly Hills the most memorable one yet.

Cameras caught Wang drinking loads of alcohol throughout the entire Cabo trip, which made for some really incredible television, especially when the reality star got overly emotional during a group dinner to celebrate Morgan and Brendan's one year anniversary.

Instead of honoring her best friends' "major milestone," a loopy Wang got into a fight with Roxy over a bill from seven years ago.

Roxy was poking harmless fun at her, but the sensitive star -- after drinking all day long -- couldn't take a joke.

So, Dorothy sobbed and sobbed and sobbed some more. And then Morgan chastised the group for "ruining her anniversary," which made Dorothy cry even more uncontrollably.

But every embarrassing moment must follow with a confession.

Dorothy took to her Twitter Sunday night, writing, "#confession I've watched tonight's #RKOBH 5 times!! I've moved past the initial embarrassment and now love it. Forcing myself to bed!!"

At least she can laugh about it now!

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