‘Party Down South’ Mattie Denies Romance With Lyle: We’re ‘Just Friends’

Posted on February 28th, 2014 at 11:33 am

meet-new-reality-Party-DownIf you're a Party Down South fan, you've most likely been following Mattie and Lyle's redneck romance on the show.

And given their rocky relationship, everyone's been wondering if they are still together.

RumorFix caught up with Mattie earlier this week, and she tells us exclusively that the duo are strictly "just friends."

"Lyle and I are just friends" the bubbly brunette reveals, "On the show he was like my cuddle buddy, he would always end up in my bed. We're still friends -- we're really good friends."

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In a recent episode of Party Down South, Lyle, in a drunken stupor, admits to the producers that he "loves" Mattie, and that he never thought he could love someone so fast. Mattie's reaction to the revelation? "Everybody loves me!" Mattie dishes to us, "It is what it is. He's still a good friend of mine, I wouldn't treat him any different."

And good news gentleman, Mattie tells us, "I'm single!"

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