Nick Carter Schedules His Own Bachelor Party The Day Of His Sister’s Wedding

Posted on February 8th, 2014 at 4:56 pm


Since last July Angel Carter and her family have known that she was getting married to Corey Conrad on Saturday at the super swanky Newhall Mansion in Ventura County, California, but it seems Nick Carter had a scheduling conflict.

The Backstreet Boys Band member, who is getting married to Lauren Kitt later this year, scheduled his bachelor party in Las Vegas on the exact same day that his sister got married.

Sources close to the family say, "The producers of Nick's reality show probably egged him on to schedule the party on the same day as her wedding to create some drama."


In any event, we are told that the rest of the family was there and Aaron Carter was happy to walk his twin sister down the aisle.

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    1. Nicole says:

      Dear god I have a filling this is gonna be all over the web and tv soon…more Carter drama. Prob gonna turn into a media fiesta..and be everywhere soon. 🙁 someone really wants to start drama again.

    2. nimue says:

      I suspect he was asked not to attend his sister’s wedding so that she could enjoy the day WITHOUT the drama if he had attended. Although Nick has recently reconciled with Aaron, and Angel always supported him in the past, Angel’s wedding day is a day where she would want to be with her mother and father. I doubt Nick would want to be with them and vice versa. So instead of making drama, I suspect this was done WITH Angel’s blessing to AVOID drama on her big day.

      • Julie says:

        Pretty sure her father wasn’t there, as Aaron was the one who walked her down the aisle? I hope he was though. Life’s too short.

        • guest says:

          on the pics that have been posted their dad isn’t there but their mom and BJ is… I’m, pretty sure like you said that Angel gave Nick her blessing and vice versa, the media likes to twist things and Angel and Nick have always had a good relationship. Aaron also asked the media to stop calling and avoid drama where there isn’t

    3. Nicole says:

      Some people are saying that he did it on purpose just to create some drama for his bachelor party that is gonna be aired on his reality show. and also to hurt his sister cause she didn;t want to be on it. . If that is the truth i’m so beyond disappointed in him as a person and a singer! It would def be sad 🙁 that he would do all that just for a damn show he could have went a dif way. All in all don’t know the truth just b/c ppl are saying close sources said that or AC officail street team saying that Aaron told them that. We don’t personally know the truth and prob wont. But I;ll def lose my respect for him if that is the case as im sure his fans would too. But until or if we ever know the truth just going to support him and believe that he had his Sisters blessing to do it cause and not that he did it just to hurt her..

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