Liza Minnelli Is Not Dying — She’s Going On Tour

Posted on February 1st, 2014 at 7:06 pm


If you've been to the supermarket this week -- you've seen the tabloid headline "Lisa Minnelli Dying!"

The National Enquirer claims "alcohol and drug abuse are killing" Judy Garland's famous daughter.

The tabloid allegedly documents her "sad last days" and claims she only has "months to live."

Admittedly they found an unflattering photo of the entertainment legend in a wheelchair to put on the cover. The photo was taken on January 20 from the wrong angle. We found a picture taken just a day earlier when she went to the SAG Awards and she looked amazing.


And look at this photo of Liza from a taping for Queen Latifah's talk show on Monday -- does this look like a dying woman to you?


Liza's rep says she is perfectly fine. In fact, the Cabaret star is going on tour beginning February 16 in a new show called "Simply Liza."

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    1. bob says:

      she may die of cigarettes.

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