Kim Kardashian Flees Vienna Opera Ball After Host Complains She Was “Annoying”?

Posted on February 28th, 2014 at 6:16 pm
Still A Rumor

kimKim Kardashian's grand evening at the Vienna Opera Ball was more of a nightmare than a fairy tale for the reality star.

The 33-year-old reportedly was dissed by her host, Austrian billionaire Richard Lugner, who told media crews covering the pair's mall appearance earlier in the day that he found her behavior to be "annoying" after she ditched him during her brief visit to shoot scenes with her mom Kris Jenner for their E! reality show.

She looked bored throughout their mall appearance and the bored look changed to visibly uncomfortable as she accompanied the 81-year-old to the annual event as his "date."  Wearing a racy sheer black top and champagne colored skirt, she was reportedly paid $500,ooo for her appearance by his side though her rep would not confirm that amount when contacted by RumorFix.

Kim stayed for less than three hours before leaving. She also reportedly refused to dance with her patron and offered up her mother instead.

She hasn't mentioned any of the day's events on any of her social media and her rep has a firm no comment about the strange Vienna visit.  Kris however seemed smiling and glowing throughout the appearances and tweeted out a photo from the event with the caption "wanna dance?"

The whole Vienna visit seemed bizarre and uncomfortable for Kim. Especially appearing as the escort to an elderly billionaire when she's an engaged woman with a small child.  Past "dates" of Lugner to the annual event have included Carmen Electra, Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton. This is the kind of appearance we could see a 2007 single party girl version of Kim attending.  Not the Kim of 2014.  

But from the expression on Kim's face in pictures throughout the evening, she seems to already know that.

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    1. itsjustme says:

      Sooooo..Let me get this straight. She becomes a paid escort for an 80 yr old man, all while she is engaged and decides not to fulfill the agreement, While it isn’t reported in this article it appears she also was asked to dance by someone who offended her by using the “N” word. She hears that word all the time from her fiance’, why should she take offense to someone else using it.
      I get so sick and tired of her “how dare you say such a thing” attitude when she puts all this crap in her life on blast for all to see and then gets upset when people talk about it. UGGGGG!!!!!

      • Daisy says:

        I’m sure it was another publicity stunt for the show. She wasn’t so offended that she left immediately! I think she wasn’t “worshipped” the way she expected, or maybe realized how inappropriate her sheer iron cross over granny panties appeared. She got the money and the publicity, so why stay around any longer?

    2. says:

      Why this woman and her troll mother are so popular is one of the mysteries of life.

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