Kim Kardashian Controlled By Kanye West: Makes Her Ditch Friends, Decides Her Outfits?!

Posted on February 28th, 2014 at 4:15 am

FFN_Kim_Kanye_SpartanoFF_022214_51336740We all know Kanye West has control issues, but are the rapper's tendencies ruining his relationship with Kim Kardashian?

“Kanye’s controlling [manner] has consumed all aspects of his fiancée’s life. He has issued her a list of dos and don’ts for 2014,” an alleged source reveals to Star magazine.

And according to the tabloid, Yeezy's demands include, "Monitoring Kim's phone; forcing her to cut ties with friends he believes are selling stories to the media; restricting the amount of times she's seen in public with her family, approving all photos before she posts to social media; and making sure they are never in clashing outfits."

Me Oh My! Sounds absolutely horrendous...If it were actually true, that is!

RumorFix reached out to a rep for the reality star who tells us Star's story is totally fabricated!

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    1. says:

      Um, would the rep actually admit it’s true?

    2. Kinsey says:

      You “reached out to a rep” and you expected them to admit what we all already know….that West is an arrogant, narcissistic jackass who controls his fiance’s life? Wow! So that’s where all the Investigative Journalists have been hiding…On Rumorfix! Who knew?!

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