Julia Roberts Family Leaves Nancy Motes Fiance In The Dark About Her Funeral

Posted on February 14th, 2014 at 1:17 pm

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Julia Roberts family has still not told Nancy Motes fiance John Dilbeck  anything about her funeral arrangements, RumorFix has learned exclusively.

Store location manager Dilbeck has been left heartbroken on Valentine’s Day after Motes' shocking suicide last Sunday.

And we are told he knows NOTHING about what funeral arrangements that are being made for Julia Roberts half-sister by her powerful family.

Nancy, 37, left a hateful message directed at the Oscar-winner before her apparent death from a drugs overdose inside a Brentwood apartment where she was dog sitting.

"Just so you all know 'America's sweetheart' is a B**CH!!!" Nancy Motes tweeted about her famous sibling.

Nancy and John’s Santa Monica neighbor John Frascati told RumorFix exclusively, “John is absolutely devastated -- he does not know what has hit him the poor guy.

“Julia Roberts needs to show some more compassion to him especially, he's a normal person who is grieving the loss of the woman he loved.

“He is up against big people in Hollywood and as of last night he did not know anything about the funeral, none of her friends do, it is as if we were not good enough for them.”

Frascati, who shared the same birthday as Nancy, on May 19, claims that she was not a drug addict but a "sweet person."

“The drug addict stories are just not true -- she wasn’t buying things off the street or anything like that,” he added.

“Sure she had some emotional issues and took some prescription drugs after she had some gastro [bypass] surgery, but I do not think that she had enough support from her family.”

“These are rich and powerful people and they are bickering over jewelry that Nancy wanted to give to some girlfriends and other designer handbags too.

“She would have wanted her possessions to go to John, the poor guy has lost the woman he truly loved.

“I asked him once what he looked for in a partner and he said: ‘I like a woman that loves me’”

“Well, he found that with Nancy, but sadly now she’s gone and Julia and her family need to show him and her other friends some more respect in light of her memory.

The neighbor believes that Nancy’s remains will be taken back to Georgia where the family is originally from once all the coroner’s tests are completed.

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    1. The neighbor who weighed in says:

      Cliff Renfrew is an honest man of his word, this is the most honest sensitive article written, even as all other reporters were given the same info, yet misrepresented or manipulated the context for sensationalism or pandering… Cliff upon calling said he wanted to know the other side of the story, The fiancee who lost his future bride and some of the struggles he faces, innocently. I would gladly give Cliff, any story he wishes.

      This should be the top piece, concerning this story.

      My heart goes out to Nancy’s mom…

    2. Xochil says:

      John Dilbeck is not a Store Location Manager, he is a film and TV location manager

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