Josh Groban Engaged To Be Married, Spotted Ring Shopping?!

Posted on February 6th, 2014 at 1:32 pm

joshRumors have been circulating that Josh Groban "is engaged to his girlfriend"

Some reports online claim the duo were spotted "shopping for engagement rings, and eying some pricey bling in a couple of major jewelry stores — especially major diamond baubles that could only be described as the kind usually slipped on a woman’s left-hand ring finger."

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Sources who claim to be close to the couple reveal they're “convinced an engagement is inevitable. He's madly in love with her."

This would be such a great love story...if it were actually true.

RumorFix reached out to a rep for the 32-year-old singer who tells us that not only is Josh "absolutely not engaged," but he's a single man! The rep reveals, "Josh is currently not dating."

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    1. Allison says:

      Hey, Rumor Fix! The “source” that you used for your engagement story is Media Mass, which is a SATIRE of a gossip website. Check your sources. That story is completely fake!

      • Rumor Fix says:

        Allison — we know that and you know that, but most people don’t. Plus this rumor was taking off on Twitter — so we felt it was our responsibility to nip it in the bud. Read the entire story please.

        • Allison says:

          I think you should vet your “sources” more carefully. That is not a legitimate source. The Media Mass article does not even mention Rachel Beider. Josh Groban hasn’t been photographed with this lady since Dec. 2012!

    2. Allison says:

      Never trust Media Mass. I invite everyone to read the truth about this site. It’s fooled a lot of legitimate media outlets:

    3. Rena says:

      Allison go home and give it up. These people were trying to clear up rumors Josh was engaged to Rachel running around on the internet. Let them do their jobs because they don’t need you and your theories of “Josh never dates anyone” .

      • Allison says:

        You are from the ugly site that started this whole mess! You and Media Mass are total crap. Get a life and stop making up phony stories and damaging his reputation.

        I have never said Josh never dates anyone, you idiot!

      • June says:

        Rena needs to go back to her basement and stare at Instagram photos and twitter timelines 24/7 and make up fake stories about Josh’s private life. Get a life, lady.

    4. Marie B. says:

      This Alison person needs to put the shut to the up. I heard this rumor a few times and this site was SMART enough to do some fact searching about it. What Alison needs to do is READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE! If she did, she would see that Rumor Fix DID contact some people regarding the issue!

      • Greene says:

        Marie B, you’re very rude. Are you also from that awful gossip blog? Allison did read the whole article and is right that Rumor Fix should have ignored a stupid twitter troll who started this mess in the first place.

    5. Allison says:

      I think people completely misunderstanding what I am writing. I was just pointing out that this site should no longer use Media Mass as a source for writing articles. I know that Rumor Fix debunked it. Duh!

    6. Allison says:

      The two who are responsible for this false rumor are a Twitter troll (from a JG gossip site) and Media Mass, not Rumor Fix. I want to clear that up. I know Rumor Fix contacted his rep. I think, though, that Rumor Fix should not have responded to the troll and a fake website. Rumor Fix should have ignored them completely. I hope this clears this up. I was just concerned for JG because he was really upset about this.

    7. Pam says:

      why do we NEVER get Rachel Beider sightings? because He’s not with her!!!!! Rachel is such a “manipulator and attention seeker . All of this is a product of” her manipulation”.

    8. Pam says:

      Rachel Beider is capable of using his and her friends and a few social media hints to “constantly attach her name to his image”
      “She matches his activities as a game”., she wants to be public too so she counteracts his games by doing what she usually does: “matching his online routine, friending his friends, interacting with them in public, taking advantage of the trolls, you name it” STALKER, ATTENTION SEEKER, FAME W*ORE

      FANS HATE HER , ” We are exhausted from this stupid woman”

    9. Mary Anne says:

      Pam, you are correct about there being no recent sightings of Rachel with Josh because he is not dating her. Unfortunately, there is a gossip blog that wants to keep rumors about them going. That is where Rena is from. Most JG fans have moved on. I believe Josh when he says he is not dating or engaged to this girl.

    10. Molly says:

      Hey Josh is dating Kennedy Schofield, not Rachel.

      • M.J. says:

        No, he is not dating Kennedy. That is a false rumor started by a gossip blog–the same one that started the false rumor that Josh was engaged to Rachel.

    11. Irina Vecchio says:

      They are engaged and in Italy, Rumor Fix. Time to fix that again, scrape what his reps told you and print the truth.

    12. Debi says:

      The truth is Josh is dating Gaby Dunn. Has been. She is a well known writer living in LA. He’s not engaged to Rachel and she is not in Italy with him.

    13. ninety says:

      No they are not in Italy together. Josh is dating Gaby Dunn.

      • Guest says:

        OMG why? She is unattractive and a real man hater> Isn’t she gay?

        • Guests says:

          No she isn’t! She is bi-sexual and she was dating Josh until he cheated on her with Kat Dennings. I know fans love Kat which all good but Josh is a jerk for what he did to both Gaby and Rachel.

          • Jan says:

            First of all, Rachel has stated on twitter and instagram that she and Josh are still friends to this day and still talk.. Second of all, you have only heard is Gaby’s side of the story. You do not know either Josh or Gaby personally, so how do you know what really happened? Also, Gaby herself advocates a lifestyle of sleeping with multiple people at the same time. You are reading the awful gossip blog, obviously. Gaby is not attractive and does hate men. Totally unappealing on every level.

    14. Doug says:

      Nope. Rachel was never in Italy with Josh. Rachel herself said back in February 2014 that she and Josh are no longer a couple but friends.

    15. Jellyfish says:

      Josh has been dating Lisa Wahl since 2010.

    16. Macy says:

      This Rachel lady got famous for doing nothing, thanks to obsessed fans. That is the only reason this article exists in the first place!

    17. Dale says:

      Rena and most of the posters here are from a blog run by Cakie3000, where hateful, foul mouth gossipers make up fake stories about Josh Groban’s personal life. Josh doesn’t like these women and has slammed them on twitter. He may even get his lawyers to take their absurd site down.

    18. Danny says:

      Josh was spotted last night flrting with sexy actress Kat Dennings at the Carousel Of Hope Ball. Eat your heart out, Rachel Beider!

    19. Debbie says:

      Josh and Kat Dennings have been dating since September. She talked about him yesterday on The Ellen Show. Both have publicly confirmed that they are dating.

    20. Diane says:

      Rachel is currently dating David Karp, founder of Tumblr, not Josh Groban. She and Josh ended things more than two years ago and remain friends.

    21. Melissa says:

      Josh and Gaby never confirmed they were a couple. Fans speculated that they might be dating because they tweeted with each other and hung out together over the summer. Gaby still has pics on her instagram of Josh, so they might still be friends.

    22. Nick says:

      I can’t believe how awful that lady’s dress and hair are in that pic. Yikes! What a fashion trainwreck! Now Josh is with a woman who compliments him very nicely on the red carpet–Kat Dennings. Very sexy and glamorous.

    23. Linda says:

      No one has brought more negativity and polarization to Josh’s fan base than Rachel Beider. I don’t see anything positive about this woman. She had lots of chances to speak up against all the rumors about her and Josh but chose to remain silent.

    24. Judy says:

      Rachel and David at last night’s Tumblr party:

    25. Judy says:

      Josh and Kat at last night’s Musicares event

    26. Diane says:

      Beth Behrs told People magazine that both Kat and Josh were SINGLE when she introduced them last fall. I don’t think Josh cheated on anybody!

    27. Sandra says:

      Gaby was asked to post a photo of her and Josh to prove they dated. She posted nothing. That tells ya something, folks.

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