Jennifer Lopez And Harry Connick Jr. Feuding On Set Of ‘American Idol’?

Posted on February 6th, 2014 at 6:04 am


Jennifer Lopez does NOT hate Harry Connick Jr., despite tabloid reports!

Gossip sites revealed on Wednesday that the American Idol judges are feuding behind the scenes, alleging that Lopez secretly “can’t stand him, and she thinks Harry is one of the most childish grown men she’s ever met.”

J.Lo thinks Harry’s immature and lame, and she only talks to him if she has to," Star magazine claims, adding, that Lopez is really “just bitter about no longer being the center of attention. She demanded to be the only female judge but had no idea how popular Harry would become."

Oh come on!

RumorFix didn't believe a speck of this report, so we reached out to Connick's rep who gave us a lengthy statement on exactly why this rumor is not true. The rep confirms, "This couldn't be farther from the truth. Harry has said repeatedly in every interview he’s done how much he adores Jen and respects her. It’s also evident in what you see firsthand on the show. This is a silly, factually inaccurate, made up story."

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  • 4 Responses

    1. lisa says:

      If jennifer hates Harry, it’s because he knows his music and she doesn’t feel as knowlegeable when he’s around. She’s so jealous.

    2. idoljumpedtheshark says:

      she did nothing for the show in the past season and clearly she is doing nothing for it now. She is so fake and annoying and everyone can see through her and her pathetic attempts to stay relevant.

    3. lindy west says:

      Perhaps it is because JLo has an incredible ego, and Harry is the one who is getting all the attention, telling it like it is without the gushy falseness she constantly provides. He also knows more about music than she could ever hope to know,

    4. BW says:

      Maybe she hates him beause she knows him to be a product of nepotism, a dreadful live performer and an asshole who is prone to attention getting antics! Boo fraud! Boo…

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