Grammy Gay Wedding Poster Child Says Kirk Cameron’s Accusations Are Preposterous

Posted on February 1st, 2014 at 3:54 pm


Yawar Charlie and Jason Miller have become the symbol for the same sex marriages at the Grammys because of their emotional exit.

So, RumorFix contacted Yawar to ask about Kirk Cameron's recent comments that their marriage and others like it were "an assault on the traditional family."


Yawar, who wore a traditional shalwar from his native Pakistan, tells us exclusively, "That's preposterous. There were more heterosexual couples than same sex couples There were 15 or s0 gay couples and 17 or 18 straight couples."

The Sotheby's realtor adds, "When a group has to struggle to obtain civil rights and to get equality -- that's what the group cherishes. So we know the magnitude of marriage. I dare say we take it with a little more weight or magnitude rather than trying to escape to Las Vegas for a drunken weekend marriage."

Yawar, who has been with his new husband for four years, says, "The people who got married were there to display love. Love is love."


As for the former Growing Pains actor, Yawar says, "It was a ploy to sell tickets to his movie [Mercy Rule]."

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    1. Julia Jafari says:

      Love IS love.

    2. okccw says:

      Lol. It will be different story when the gays start divorcing and have play by the real rules.

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