Fans Rally Around Openly Gay American Football Star Michael Sam On Social Media

Posted on February 14th, 2014 at 10:45 am

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It's not just the likes of NFL Hall Of Fame star Michael Strahan who are backing openly gay University of Missouri defensive end Michael Sam.

Fans are rallying on social media to support the highly sought after draft player after his announcement too.

Sam now has over 83k followers on Twitter while his Facebook page has well over 40k likes now also.

The Mizzou Tigers star sent shockwaves through professional sport when he publicly admitted that he was gay in interviews with The New York Times and ESPN too.

"I am openly, proud gay man," he said, "I want to own my truth."

And just like Strahan fans have been backing his brave decision via social media too.

Zenith Nadir wrote: "RESPECT and SUPPORT!!! you are awesome."

While Adam Ciminello posted on Sam's Facebook: "I know that you're 'just a football player' but your story is so inspiring. I'm not even a football fan all that much, more into basketball and soccer. But I'll be rooting for you and I have a great feeling you're going to do great things. Go get 'em dude!!!"

Sam himself seems encouraged by all the support posting personal messages and images thanking the fans.

Michael Strahan backed Sam on Monday's Live! With Kelly & Michael by saying: "Congratulations Michael Sam, you took control of it, I'm proud of you Good luck!"

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