Did Julia Roberts Half-Sister Want Contents Of Her Suicide Letter Released?

Posted on February 12th, 2014 at 1:21 pm
Still A Rumor

julia9Julia Roberts' half-sister Nancy Motes left behind a suicide note at the scene where she was found dead in a bathtub Sunday.

But did the 37-year-old want her final thoughts to be made public?

Her future brother-in-law claims that she did.

Conner Dilbeck -- brother of Nancy's fiancé John Dilbeck -- has been posting on his Facebook account about the tragedy, stating "There are eight pages to the suicide letter, not five. I was told that Nancy wanted the truth to come out" along with a link to a Daily Mail story featuring an interview with the couple's landlord where he made incendiary claims that the Oscar winner's treatment of her sister "drove" Motes to commit suicide.

Dilbeck has been discussing the matter since Monday and made the same claims as their landlord. He initially revealed, "I am posting this as a plea to everyone to pray for my brother John. His lovely fiancée, Nancy Motes, was driven to take her life yesterday because of the pure cruelty of her sister, Julia Roberts (yes Ms. Pretty Woman herself), that has done everything in her power to ruin her and my brothers lives. He is overwhelmed by this horrible event and all the turmoil Julia has subjected them to" and included a photo of John proposing to Nancy.

So far no word from the Roberts family as to the outrageous accusations.julia6

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