Dancing With The Stars Replaces Orchestra With ‘Hipper Band’

Posted on February 3rd, 2014 at 11:03 am


While the stars come and go, one staple of ABC's Dancing With The Stars has always been their in-house orchestra that has at times had 46 members.

But is the network ditching their dedicated orchestra after 17 seasons?

That would be a yes.

Our production sources have confirmed that Harold Wheeler was let go from the dancing competition show. DWTS musician Rick Baptist is outraged and encouraging fans to write directly to an ABC executive.


In a move to get a younger demographic, "the show is changing from an orchestra to a house band -- it will be hipper," our insider says.

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  • 2 Responses

    1. Alonzo Watson says:

      Dancing with the Stars down size the orchestra to an electrical band. They should at least keep the Singers.

    2. JacHunter says:

      Harold Wheeler’s orchestra was the only reason I started watching that show.
      This is outrageous.

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