Barbara Walters: I Wasn’t Doubting Dylan Farrow’s Abuse Claims

Posted on February 4th, 2014 at 10:46 am

barbaraBarbara Walters is speaking out after causing a controversy over pal Woody Allen.

 The 84-year-old got into an argument with co-host Sherri Shepherd on Monday's episode of The View where she appeared to throw her support behind the 78-year-old director following sexual abuse claims by his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow. That caused a firestorm on Twitter with many people calling out her comments as "irresponsible" and "dangerous." Some even said her retirement later this year couldn't come soon enough.

Walters used Tuesday's hot topics segment to clarify her standpoint

She began prefacing her thoughts with "I don't know what happened, I know there were no charges pressed. I was not talking about Dylan's accusations."

"From what I see, Woody Allen is a friend, has been married to Soon-Yi for almost 20 years, is a good father. He has two adopted daughters, adorable little girls. When I see him he's a good father."

She continued "Mia - who I'm fond - of is a friend. She's a good mother. That's all I was saying."

"So I got attacked for looking as if I was doubting Dylan's story. I wasn't. I don't know whether it was true.  It's a very emotional subject."

And as Whoopi Goldberg reminded the audience, the show is called The View for a reason and that Barbara was just giving her views as a friend of Allen's.

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    1. davidthornton says:

      Hilarious… to become angry at another expressing opposing view, when actually NOBODY other than Woody and Dylan know the truth. Our truth is that Woody was investigated and found innocent by impartial trained people. Our truth is that Woody took and passed a lie detector test, as Mia refused one.

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