Tom Daley & Dustin Lance Black Go Public With Relationship

Posted on January 4th, 2014 at 7:13 pm


From the moment, British Olympic swimmer Tom Daley released a YouTube video saying he is in a relationship with a man, gay blogs have been speculating that Dustin Lance Black is the lucky man.

There have been hints, but on Saturday -- there was no more hiding the truth.

Tom and the Oscar-winning screen writer arrived together at a restaurant in Soho, London after Tom appeared live on the British version of Splash.

Tom and Dustin were photographed separately getting out of the vehicle, but once inside, Tom posted on Instagram the first photo of them together since the news broke.  He tweeted, "#splash celebrations 🙂 Beef Wellington...yes please!!!"


Lance followed that with "Congrats


Earlier in the day, Lance revealed his love for Tom by tweeting this picture of a cake and  "I concur. tomdaley1994 fans are the SWEETEST


We are happy for them.

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    1. Luce Morales says:

      Gosh, Lance, do you think this guy is young enough for you?

      • okccw says:

        Luce I agree. They look great together, but I don’t like the age diff. It’s creepy. And the fact that Tom lost is dad So young makes me think he’s missing a father figure. Both are great guys.

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