The Eagles Soar In The New Forum

Posted on January 19th, 2014 at 7:27 am


What a treat to see the legendary group The Eagles in the newly remodeled The Forum in Los Angeles.

First let's talk about the $100 million renovation of the Inglewood, California arena.

The sound -- Oh My God -- the sound ... it rivals the best acoustics in town at the Walt Disney Concert Hall Downtown.

Glenn Frey said Wednesday night at the grand opening, "This has the best large venue sound in the world -- and I should know because I've played in all of them."

You can hear every instrument -- and guess what -- you can even hear the vocals (unlike the Staples Center, where the music always drowns out the performer.)

The Eagles co-founder also said the venue won't be doing any sporting events, no Ice Capades -- just music. Justin Timberlake, Imagine Dragons and Paul Simon and Sting are already scheduled to appear at the Fabulous Forum this month and next.

The Madison Square Garden folks, who remodeled the facility, added cushion stadium seating to replace the bleachers -- but since the space was limited, you feel like you in Economy on United instead of Economy Plus -- we could have used six extra inches in leg room!

Now to the Eagles.

Their four-part harmony was flawless and created a wall of sound. The show is called "The History of the Eagles" and it begins with Glenn and Don Henley on the stage alone with their guitars in a low production acoustic performance.

They then tell the story of the making of the band and introduce the members as they joined the iconic group. The crowd goes wild as each one is introduced on stage.

When they are all playing together -- it is magical and effortless. And although the guys are in their 60s -- their voices are impeccable and sound like the albums we still have from the '70s.

But don't expect to dance in your seats -- that's a no no. Glenn gave the crowd in the floor seats a lecture Wednesday. "I'm only going to say this once," he started, sounding like my father when I was in grade school. "Don't stand up during the ballads, people behind you are seated."

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