The Bachelor: Lucy On The Show For Wrong Reasons, Not Mother Material, Says Kelly

Posted on January 16th, 2014 at 11:41 am


If you're a The Bachelor fan, you're sure to know Lucy Aragon! She's the 24-year-old "free spirit" and part-time nudist from Santa Barbara who's vying for Juan Pablo's heart?!

There's only been two episodes, and Aragon has already taken her top off, walked down Santa Monica Blvd completely naked, and put her dirty non shoe wearing feet way too close to Juan Pablo's beautiful face. Was anyone supposed to take this girl seriously about being Juan Pablo’s wife? Not a chance! So why is Lucy on the show?! Well, just like every other season, there's always a contestant who joins The Bachelor for all the wrong reasons -- their 15 minutes of fame. And that's exactly what co-contestant Kelly Travis told RumorFix during a conference call Thursday morning.


When asked which woman is not on the show for the right reasons, Kelly reveals, if anyone, it's definitely Lucy. "The audience doesn't take her seriously (duh). She's the only one where you get the sense 'Hmm, why are you here, Lucy?!'"

The 27-year-old "dog lover" goes on to say that, while all the other gals have great mommy potential (Juan has a four-year-old daughter), the only one who doesn't is Lucy (shocking!). "The only one I truly questioned being mom material would be Lucy. The other girls are very mature for their age...They're all great girls, it's a great group, so I don't think any one of them, with the exception of Lucy, would be not a great mother at this point."

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With all Lucy's crazy antics, viewers were sure she'd be booted at the first rose ceremony, however, the hunky Latino kept her around. So what does that say about Juan Pablo as a man, or what he's looking for in a girl?!

Kelly explains, "I never questioned him keeping her around because he didn't see how she was in the house. Around him, she was clothed. And she is very interesting, she's intelligent when you talk to her and she has life experiences that are interesting, so I can see someone being intrigued by that." The Georgia native adds, "But I did think that their connection wouldn't be strong enough for her to stay around because she's younger. I mean they keep her around because it's like 'what's gonna happen next?!' But once you get down to where you actually need to find a connection with someone, you're probably not going o keep her around. She's just a very different character and Juan Pablo was probably very intrigued by it at first."

So basically, Kelly just gave it away that Lucy doesn't stick around much longer. And, actually, Lucy herself spilled the beans that she didn't make it too far in the running after she posted this obvious tweet (below) just one month after the crew even began filming. And not to mention, Lucy's best friend tweeted about her being home. 

Sayonara, Lucy!




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      Does anyone take that show seriously? Any marriage that evolves from reality tv is a huge joke.

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