‘#RichKids’ Morgan Stewart To Nose Critics: I Was Meant To Look This Way

Posted on January 24th, 2014 at 12:33 pm

morganWith fame comes haters. And Morgan Stewart from #RichKids of Beverly Hills is learning it the hard way.

The newly famous star is absolutely beautiful, but one flaw that has stuck out to viewers is her nose. morgan2

Countless followers took to Twitter over the past week to bash on Morgan's schnozz, questioning if she has so much money then why hasn't she gotten a nose job?!

Well, believe it or not, the reality star provided a very insightful blog post explaining the reasoning behind why she hasn't gone under the knife.

In post on her blog Boobs & Loubs, the 25-year-old wrote, "I do need a nose job but will NEVER get one – EVER. Regardless of how unflattering it may be or how much I may not like it, I was obviously meant to look this way so I’m just going to go along with that plan."


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    1. JohnnyComeLately says:

      I don’t see what the fuss is with her nose. It’s hers and other people should not tell someone to get plastic surgery or other “enhancements.” I suppose her looking more like the lady next door rather than some overdone plastic surgery queen angers viewers of this show? The nerve of some people.

    2. Trinity says:

      All those people should be ASHAMED of themselves! What a sad sad world we live in when that’s the only thing people considered about her! Beauty is within! Good for her for sticking to her self image, which isn’t suffering like those who felt it their place to suggest she alter her face for their viewing pleasure.
      She’s BEAITIFUL! And she has her own mind, unlike the many in our society who think perfection is their only value in life. They are the one’s to feel sorry for!

    3. Sam says:

      If she can get a boob job (which it seems she has) she needs to get off her soapbox about getting a nose job. A breast augmentation is a much bigger, riskier surgery with a longer recovery. A nose job is relatively minor compared to it. That’s fine if she doesn’t want to, but using the logic of “being born that way” makes absolutely no sense.

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