Nicki Minaj NOT Pregnant With Lil Wayne’s Baby!!!

Posted on January 15th, 2014 at 5:42 am

nickiLast Monday RumorFix got wind of a rumor that Nicki Minaj was preggers with Lil Wayne's baby.

We can finally confirm that this story is absolutely false! A rep for both Weezy and the Superbass singer told RumorFix exclusively that the gossip is just that -- gossip!

Rumors of a pregnancy began swirling after urban website alleged that the superstar duo “recently got word” that “indeed Nicki Minaj is pregnant. To add fire to this drama Lil Wayne supposedly is the father to be,” the website adds, “It seems like Nicki Minaj was just having a fun night and got pregnant.”


One insider apparently also spotted the rapper sporting what appeared to be a baby bump while out to dinner January 2. The snitch adds Minaj made a conscious decision to stick with water that night, which is out of character for the star, who normally consumes alcohol. “Nicki twice made toasts by drinking water instead of wine, and it’s highly unusual for her to toast with anything but a full glass of wine.”

Sorry we're not sorry! This just isn't true, folks!

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    1. Mna says:

      This is boring and nicki minaj is not pregnant to lilwayne SO STOP SPREADING RUMOURS

    2. Olivia says:

      I knew she wasn’t pregnant, always makes lies any way

    3. Lee Good says:

      Yeah I’m Lil Wayne number one bicshh pregnant by wezzy

    4. Lee Good says:

      Y’all fulbullshit lol

    5. melissa says:

      happy fo u nicki that babe is going 2 be so cute

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