Michael Muhney Breaks Silence, Y&R Fans Protest In The Sky

Posted on January 9th, 2014 at 4:41 pm


The Young and the Restless star Michael Muhney (Adam Newman), who was reportedly fired for allegedly groping co-star Hunter King (Summer Newman), is breaking his silence as his fans staged their support in the sky on Thursday, RumorFix is reporting.

Michael tweeted on Monday, "Benjamin Franklin said it best, 'Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see' ... and that quote doesn't only apply to what is being said about ME. It also applies to others. Please be kind to everyone.

Fans have rallied around the soap hunk -- they even chartered a plane on Thursday to send a message to CBS executives at Television City in Hollywood, where the daytime drama is taped.

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 After seeing the banner in the sky, Michael's mom, tweeted, "This picture made me smile and brought tears. I am so touched by your support, loyalty and kindness to Michael."

But many of Michael's co-stars are standing behind Hunter.

Josh Morrow, who plays her dad, tweeted, “Some people better lighten up on @HunterHaleyKing Shes a great kid & doesn’t deserve any1 sayin anything negative about her #Ridiculous.” That was retweeted by several other Y&R stars including: Kristoff St. John (Neil), Jessica Collins (Avery), Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea) and Tracey E. Bregman.

Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe), Christel Khalil (Lily) and Greg Rikaart (Kevin) and Eileen Davidson (Ashley) have also retweeted positive comments about Hunter.

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    1. Fred says:

      Rumors only there are no facts. It’s a smear campaign. Libel.

    2. Lynn in Michigan says:

      did anyone on the set of Y&R actually see Michael Muhney grop Hunter’s breasts? she is a big girl, couldn’t she handle that on her own…..from what I am reading about Victor not getting along with him, I think Victor is the one wanting him fired and maybe this Hunter girl teamed up with Victor. Victor has not gotten along with other stars including Jack Abbott character for years either. I think Victor has a lot of say so on the set there. Don’t tell me he isn’t voliatile as well. Michael may have not been perfect, but maybe they could have given him some time off with a stiff warning about his behavior instead of an immediate firing….this is coming along with losing many other characters, as well as Billy Abbott, which they didn’t want to negotiate with either. something is not right over there at Y & R, and since we the fans make the show what it is in popularity, we don’t have much of a say so in what really happens, do we?

      • Dianne says:

        I believe that in the long run the VIEWERS have the last SAY!!! I know many people who will no longer be watching the Y & R after January 30th which is apparently Michael Muhney’s last appearance. In my opinion he is probably one of the best actors who has ever appeared on the Y & R other than Jeanne Cooper.The veteran actor, Eric Braeden who has played Victor Newman for over 40 years is a bully not only on the soap opera but also “behind the scenes.” He should be the actor leaving the show because his arrogance, poor acting skills and mumbling work my last nerve. I’m done with this poorly managed soap opera.

        • she says:

          Diane u brought tears to my eyes, from laughing so hard, when u said u were tired of Victor’s “mumbling” working ur last nerve..because suddenly victor’s face & speech entered my thoughts.

      • rebeccaanne says:

        i like your even rational. It seems so childish and imature to fire and let it all go public. she should have settled it and she could have gotten to charge him with sexual harrasing. if it was that bad she has ruined his life and does not even have to prove it. I just can’t believe he would do this it is so weird and the way Kristoff said MM needs to explaine its like they were playing around and she and yand r make it seem much more that is where they go wrong they go all public and thats not cool now its not a good thing to think throughout the year for the show.

    3. Debbie says:

      I can’t believe you people are so quick to say Hunter is lying, what makes you think Micheal didn’t do this. Come on open your eyes, I like Adam but if Michael did this he got what he deserved and he needs to speak up with more than that stupid Ben Franklin quote. He needs to either deny it or admit it outright so Hunter can stop feeling as if she did something wrong. Women already feel responsible when something happens to them like this and y’all are just making it worse. It’s a part on a Soap people, he’s not some kind of God so stop making him out to be.

      • Judy Bradshaw says:

        For the good of the show keep the best actor meaning Michael Muhney!

      • Sara says:

        When I first heard of MM getting fired, I couldn’t believe it or even understand what he could have possibly done to get himself fired. Then I saw a picture of MM and Hunter. She had own a dress with her boob’s glaring with this see threw mesh top…. She didn’t deserve to get groped, if that is what happened. As a fan, we will never know what happened behind closed doors with these two. For all we know she probably let him touch her and when he realized it was wrong, she probably wanted more and when MM didn’t respond, she got him fired. I also believe Victor bully ass had a lot to do with it. My interest level with Y&R is at a all time LOW!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Debbie says:

          Are you for real?! You are blaming the woman for something a man did to her? You should be ashamed of yourself. People are getting upset because Michael is being accused of something but it is no better than what you just did. She’s still a kid, give me a break. Unbelievable.

          • willietrohut says:

            You are the one that is not for real. It is the entertainment industry. They make their livings making up stories. You have been duped. If there was any molesting going on, he would not have been allowed to stay on the set to finish the story line. You should be ashamed of yourself for living in a fantasy world and talking like it is real.

            • Debbie says:

              Are you for real? They make their living making up stories? Having your breasts grabbed without your permission is not entertainment? Seems to me you are the one living in the fantasy world. Anyone that assumes a girl is lying for entertainment is the one that should be ashamed of themselves. We are talking about real life, not a story line. Learn to tell the difference why don’t you!

          • rebeccaanne says:

            it all seems like childish and it to me seems like it may have been some kind of misunderstanding no one would do such a crime in the publics eye like that it is hard to believe he would do it

          • rebeccaanne says:

            i just feel if you are going to put a man out of his life long work you should have gone to the police and made it real or stop wearing the sexual victim part

            • Debbie says:

              Wow Rebecca, way to stick up for a woman. The way I understand it she said she would go to the cops if they didn’t do something about him after the second time he did it so they fired him. They didn’t want her going to the cops and he is not a threat to her anymore. Would you rather she go to the cops and he go to jail? You’re sticking up for him but wishing she went to the cops so he could be put in jail. lol

    4. KRIS says:

      When the network needed a villain it was always Adam Newman, and now he
      is being accused of a scandal with no evidence to back it up, and now
      your going to fire him? Why was he not giving a part as a descent person
      sometimes and not always the bad guy? So some of this can fall on the
      network as part of the problem.

    5. Carolyn Amicone Guzzi says:

      i think that there is alot of bullying in the work place and it should stop immediately if michael did not do what hunter has said…i would come out and say so…i wouldn’t just let this continue and he just sit there while this scandle could ruin his career…i would also if he doesn’t get rectication on this i would fight this tooth and nail with absolute proof not hear say by other actors on set…i think that this is a form of bullying because somebody is jealous and dont want him around and getting more air time…and the acting is moving on over to the real and they need to get a grip on the situations…this is a soap…and nothing but and acting job portraying somebody else…period…my god can anybody get along…this happens everywhere not just in the acting area……! get proof cald iron proof before u fire michael….and michael if u didn’t do this i would speak up loud and defend urself not just sit there…u have a right to speak and defend urself…! michael of Y&R Michael Muhney (Adam Newman) if u did not do this speak on ur behalf…! god speed!

      • Yawnie says:

        I think it won’t matter to many whether or not MM speaks up. Whether he is innocent or not, the statement has been made and there are those who will believe what they want, regardless.

        • Carolyn Amicone Guzzi says:

          it would matter…facts and truth are NOT the same! some people are just plain ignorant and immature and jealous bottom line they act like children and they dont care who they hurt…and this happens everywhere in the work place not just with actors at Y&R…and not just this situations…

          • Carolyn Amicone Guzzi says:

            the acting the last 3 days with adam billy chelsey kevin cloie absolutely phenomenal omg! i hope that they really change their mind and keep MM (adam newman) because he is awesome actor…

            • Gina says:

              I’ve watched y&r for the entire time it has been on the air and I must say that Michael and Billy are my favorites. The show was pretty boring until they “spiced” it up with their “personalities”. I really hate to see these guys go. They could get rid of some of the “old” ones and start over with a better crop of actors!

            • Carolyn Amicone Guzzi says:

              what i cant get over is that billy is gonna try and do jason morgan on gh???? yeah good luck because he will need it steve burton has done that role since 1991 and left and came back after his movie thing and came back when tams and mo were on i miss him as jason morgan he has some big shoes to fill…! now with billy and michael they are awesomely phenomenal and i watch Y&R as i was watching all the rest of the soaps till they were all taken off and i have been watching gh and & Y&R since 1977

            • julie says:

              YES, YES, YES lets’ protest
              I do hope they bring MM back not a substitute

          • Yawnie says:

            While facts and truth may not always be the same, people have made up their minds one way or the other. So, even if MM were to comment as to his guilt or innocence wouldn’t matter. I agree with you that this crap happens everywhere, and due to personalities and beliefs, there are those that would still maintain he is guilty even if he was found innocent by a court of law. That’s just the way things are. As I said previously, this issue should have remained between the people involved, yet someone had to open their mouth and insert foot thereby possibly ruining MM’s reputation and interfering in his home life. His family should be able to have had this issue kept quiet and been able to deal with it themselves, regardless of what the issue was. The workplace should have put an instant stop to the “rumours” or “facts”. These only needed to be revealed to any future employer, the “perpetrator”, the employer doing the firing and the “victim”. I emphasize perpetrator and victim because they are really the only two that know whether or not this is the truth. For all we know, MM may have just tried to tickle HK and in doing so, she may have moved and he inadvertently touched her “inappropriately”. Unless I see it with my own eyes, I don’t believe what I hear. That’s the problem with most people. The justice system says you’re innocent until proven guilty. There has been no proof of guilt here. It is simply a matter of “she said, he said” and until MM admits to any wrongdoing of this manner, I believe he is innocent and does not have to defend himself. If he actually came out and said he was innocent, there would still be those that would crucify him because they would still believe him guilty.

    6. deb says:

      of course they will stand by her…they know this show is going down the drain and trying to do some damage control.

    7. E Jones says:

      I Like Michael Muhney but if hes done what everyones accusing him of then he needs to be fired and I will miss him maybe he will learn from all this to go in and be more kind and not cocky. Love you Michael #Adam

      • Feeling the burn in Wisconsin says:

        To me this all sounds like she has spoken of the allegations (whether true or not) and now everyone else is just jumping on the band wagon to get him gone. Hmmm, guess it worked huh.

    8. lovelyvamom says:

      I think Micheal should stay,as far as Victor,Sharon ,Nick,new Abby. And of course Summer change their actors to someone who can act I think that they framed Adam to get him off the show because the viewers thinks he is a great actor and of course who better to use Summer she don’t look innocent bring the real actors back like Phylis and the old Abby…lily isn’t a great actress either

    9. Jane says:

      i do not like Hunter and the part she plays.. sick of her wineing. Love Michael M. He is definately a bad boy. will no longer watch the show. makes me sick . I do olove to watch Michael M. act. Hunter is a terrible actress. Maybe we will see Michael on another soap. I would watch it.

    10. Grambert says:

      I’m so sick of this CRAP about Michael Muhney. Doesn’t it seem odd to anyone else that he was on Y&R for six years with no reported sexual innuendos until this recent incident? Why would he risk his career, and more importantly, his family –for her, really?!!!!!! I’ve read that Hunter Haley King was encouraged by CBS execs to report the incident to the police, even after she went whining to them; however, she did not do so. I’m at a loss to understand why everyone continues to see her as “a victim” and come to her defense under those circumstances. I, for one, am tired of EB’s mumbling, scowling, leering and bullying; and would much rather have seen his arrogant self gone, right along with HHK –but that’s just me! I’ve always been proud of Y&R for being the #1 soap for so many years, since I started watching it from the first episode. I see so many of the cast members bashing MM –in fear of their jobs perhaps?? So much for whatever integrity the show had left. Bu-bye Y&R –after all these years. What a waste.

      • Debbie says:

        Actually, she told them if they didn’t do something about it (after the second time) that she would go to the police. The higher ups didn’t want it to go to the police. I wish she would have because then maybe we can find out the truth. Regardless of whether he did it or not, the show will go on. It was on long long before he got there and it will go on long after he leaves. He’s just a man playing a part, yes he plays it very well but so can other actors.

        • willietrohut says:

          And you sound so sure that you KNOW what actually happened. You work there, around it all the time? The show is going sour, and they kept bad actors, let go of good actors, and the writing sucks worse than anything I have ever watched. I was thinking all this before this latest stupid stunt. I am one viewer (of MANY) that is leaving this show behind after watching it since I was a kid.

          • Debbie says:

            You don’t know what happened there either, were you there? The show has been renewed all the way to 2017. It will be fine without you whiners giving it up because Michael isn’t on anymore……big deal, he’s a man not a god!! I just tend to believe a 19 year old girl when she says someone grabbed her breast over someone that seems to have a huge ego. You believe what you want to and I’ll believe what I want to. Last time I heard, Obama hadn’t taken our right to think for ourselves away right?

        • polly says:

          She didn’t go to the police because she can’t prove anything, I hope Michael gets hired on another show because why would he want to work with a bunch of Victors lap dogs. Also known as the rest of the cast afraid to stand up to him in case they are next for a trumped up charge and firing.

          • Debbie says:

            This is Debbie responding to you polly, couldn’t sign in at work. Of course she doesn’t have proof, how do you have proof someone touched you, all you have is your word. Maybe he will get hired on another show, who really cares besides you whiners whining about he made he show when he clearly didn’t.

    11. JustMe says:

      I think what is going to happen with “Adam” is that Billy will either shoot him and he will be away at a hospital for a few months, or he will go to prision for a few months, and then when they find out KELLY hit Dehlia, he will recover or be released and come back with a new actor as “Adam”……hurts my heart though, cause Billy and Adam, are my very favorites on this show…..I just wanna throw up everytime I have to see Victor, Cane or Lily…
      Kelly was a psycho on Guiding Light as Annie, I can see she still is!

      • Feeling the burn in Wisconsin says:

        Hahaha, Kelly has to go. This character (or should I say her playing this character) is just not a fit on the show.

      • rebeccaanne says:

        you post waas the best for miles lol just will be missing bm and MM its just not so great watching now

      • julie says:

        Oh that would be a super storyline Kelly did just come out from no where with no line and we’ll join the Y&R team again I just don’t believe MM would do that to a woman

    12. catstoy says:

      Who will be replacing Adam?

    13. catstoy says:

      I have been a Y&R watcher for many years; and it’s been like this for the past eight years, they get rid of the good actors and keep the annoying wanna bees. It’s like someone is out to destroy the show .

    14. Yawnie says:

      I don’t believe anything unless I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Unfortunately, in this day and age, a person, male or female can cry assault or sexual assault if someone they don’t like taps them on the shoulder to ask for the time of day. Whether or not MM intentionally or inadvertently did as claimed should not be the issue. The reason for his firing should never have been released to anyone other than a future employer. Whom ever decided to open their loud mouth has not only tried to ruin MM’s reputation, they never once stopped to think about how this would affect MM’s family. I’m sure with so many huge egos on this program, many of them believe they had the right to spread this garbage. Whichever one(s) did need to put their ego(s) in check. With the three best actors (JC, MS & MM) gone and the writing & storylines being so repetitively boring, it wouldn’t surprise me to see this show bite the dust.

      • she says:

        I agree with the incident remaining private, because I am quite sure other things have been swept under the rug with other actors!

    15. Disgusted FAN says:

      With Michael being gone..there is no reason now for me to continue to watch the show. This story line was one of the best.
      What they need to do is get rid Lily. What a waste of space. Sharon can go too with all her clinging and whining. No story there. The only one coming out is Niki and the scum and I can live without watching that one. So, what is left? Eric Braeden is getting on my last nerve. “I am the be all to end all”.
      I don’t care if they bring in another Billy, Vicki was getting on my nerves too!!!
      Too bad writiers…you USED to have a great show but you have done your best to run it into the ground.
      Bye for a former loyal fan

    16. Feeling the burn in Wisconsin says:

      I have been sitting here reading all these posts from the show and fans and NOT ONCE have I read anything that said Michael Muhney actually did this to Hunter. I got that Hunter ‘alleges’ this happened but, has it been investigated or proven? My word, EVERYONE is considered innocent until PROVEN guilty. By NO MEANS do I want to come across as sounding like, what Hunter is alleging is by any means a lie or misunderstanding or the like ~ if this happened, then by all means Michael should have been fired. Another thing, where do a lot of the cast members think they are coming from… slamming Michael for what he supposedly had done, and then start trashing him with all other allegations of what may or may not have happened ‘behind the scenes’. Here you have a (talented actor) man that has worked on a show for about 6yrs and now, it seems all of a sudden an ‘allegation’ is out there and he is being crucified by others words. This whole thing is reminding me of the Salem Witch Trials ~ It may or may not have happened but we have to take action…. burn him at the stake!! Like I said, not making light of what may have happened but until there is PROOF how in the world can you be so inconsiderate of a fellow actor, not to mention HIS FAMILY!! No one but Hunter & Michael know for sure what had happened or not.

      I’ve watched this show since the beginning and always thought as the cast, like one big family for the most part. Thanks for proving me wrong ~ SO SAD.

      • Mel says:

        I agree. All the actors coming out bashing Michael and his fans have only made things worse. No proof. No coming forward with full statements from either party. All this did was fuel the fire that was already brewing.

    17. rebeccaanne says:

      if someone did this to me i would go to the police it would be the way to say i am positive and he could then be taken seriously and she would prove hime to be a sexual predator.

    18. rebeccaanne says:

      with all the drama who is going to be acting on the show. I feel something seems off about this I’m sorry it is off some way It does not seem true. it sounds very childish.

    19. rebeccaanne says:

      i am not a gossip fan and i just found out so i can not believe he had to leave the show and i feel that it was a joking playing around thing i haonestly feel he would not have thrown his life away in the publics eye that is awful and i have never felt sorry for the guy but i really do and so happy that the fans are on his side. i just feel that something is not right she has had to have been misunderstood and maybe she got sensitive I like her on the show i d but now i feel she was wrong or if she wanted to she could have pressed charges she was not serious, no way no way

    20. rebeccaanne says:

      in the publics eye means not on a show with 2.5 million viewers first that would have to be phyco and he needs to be in jail she should think more than just telling on him and getting him fired and then wearing very very sexual see through clothing thats not going to hold up in court

    21. rebeccaanne says:

      i just say that i feel she misunderstood and his actions were not as bad as the position she took to ruin his career. she took him down she had the ability to do so and she did it. so now he has paid. but i find it hard to believe he did what she said he did and others agree too many people watcing to do something like the way she claims it happened too me it just sounds off. i am sorry i am not young and i am all woman

      • Michael fan says:

        Michael is by far the bestactor on the show!!!!!!I guess if there willing 2 lose tons of viewers this day n age with daytime shows getting cancelled pretty stupid,u could of just suspended him a few shows or something,not fire your best actor by far…..WE LUV U ADAM

    22. Eric Jennette says:

      How do we know, that she didn’t come on to him, and her being young didn’t accuse him of something? It’s happened before as well. I know I wouldn’t want to work for a place that told me not to do anything or police. Well another soap will snatch him up and wonder why their ratings will go up. Nice to see loyalty from the place you work, sounds like they wanted him gone. Easy way to do so. Perhaps Y and R should be up on charges for a unsafe working place or covering up a situation. Maybe they needed the publicity I don’t know. Just sounds fishy. I don’t care if he is hunky, a great actor, but if he did do it, then he should be made to pay. Same goes if she is lying. Could also be a huge understanding. Sometimes things are blown out of proportion. I honestly think if he did it, he wouldn’t stay around till the end. Wouldn’t a company immediately fire or get him out of there if they felt it true?

    23. Linda in North Carolina says:

      We only know the people as actors on the show. We do not know how they all are in real life. The people that played Billy and Adam were very good actors and I am sorry they are no longer with the show. I had even gotten my husband to watch the show the past three years when he retired. He enjoyed their charactors and acting. I am sorry that Michael Muhney didn’t get a chance to tell his story, innocent or not. We will not be watching Y & R again. I wish Billy and Michael well and hopefully will see them act in the future on other shows.

    24. carolyn in california says:

      Well, I guess it’s time to give up the Young and the Restless. Michael Muhney is the best actor on the show and the story line with Chelsea is really the only interesting thing on the show right now. I sincerely hope there will be a change in that decision as result of fans protests. There is still time to fine a way to bring him back alive.

    25. Sarah says:

      Of course the other actors/actresses are supporting King. If they don’t they will be next….What idiots.

    26. jennie says:

      i’m 80 years old. had one idiot in my life trying. slap him across the face in front of his buddies and it was the end of it. I’m 5/1 and he was a 6 tall
      . the guy did not loose his job and now we understand it was the wright thing to do from me

    27. Janet Rush says:

      This was all such a bunch of crapola. I highly doubt he grabbed any person’s boobies (let alone some snot-nosed kid boobies)! I don’t understand why Y&R keeps Hunter King…the girl can’t act worth beans! She obviously knows someone somewhere in Hollywood who thinks she can act but this girl’s acting just plain stinks! Bring back the real Adam!

    28. beautiful red 28 says:

      Keep Victor Newman / Eric Breeden until HE wants to retire. He makes the Show. Bring back Adam Newman too. STOP TAKING ALL THE LONG TIME ACTORS OFF THE SHOW !!! MY goodness, we get used to someone & Y&R messes up. Write something Great instead of repeatedly.
      Thanks very much.

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