Kim Kardashian Asks Beyonce To Be Her Bridesmaid, Gets Turned Down?!

Posted on January 13th, 2014 at 11:08 am

kim3Kim Kardashian hasn't even been doing any wedding planning, but does she already have a bridesmaid flaking out of her big day?

According to Star magazine, yes!

The tabloid reports, “Beyonce is saying 'I don’t' to Kim Kardashian’s invite to be a bridesmaid, leaving Kim humiliated. Kim has been boasting to pals that Bey wants to be a bridesmaid, but Beyonce turned her down flat." The snitch reveals to the gossip rag that "While Beyonce plays nice with Kim, she finds her family unbearable. Beyonce doesn’t really care for the Kardashian family and she barely even talks to Kim, so she was shocked when she got a voicemail asking to be a bridesmaid."

Star concludes, “Beyonce doesn’t even take Kim’s calls, so she was shocked when she got a voicemail begging her to be a bridesmaid. This is a woman who doesn’t care how close a friend you are, all she cares about are big names.”

Battle of the divas, eh?!

Not so fast! RumorFix reached out to a rep for K.K. who tells us the story is absolutely false!

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    1. mb says:

      I’m amazed at how tabloids just fabricate stories and the public reports them. Kim has 4 sisters why would she ask Beyonce to be her bridesmaid? Of course this story is tabloid BS!!

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