Jon Hamm In Sweatpants — You’re Welcome

Posted on January 23rd, 2014 at 4:57 pm


There's a reason Mad Men's Jon Hamm is called Hammaconda and there's a Tumblr page called "Jon Hamm's Wang."


And on Thursday the actor lived up to his name while going for a walk with his partner, Jennifer Westfeldt, and their dog, Cora while wearing sweats and no underwear.

The 42-year-old gets frustrated when people focus his manhood, but he obviously isn't doing much to stop the attention.

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    1. Paul Modibe says:

      Jon Hamm could do the entire world of women and gay men a huge favor and do a great nude love scene with Daniel Radcliff for one, and they both do a full frontal. Film at Eleven. I would die so happy. And they would be so popular, and yes I know Daniel has done it a number of times, but why not do it again and with JON HAMM and in a man on man love story. Oscars all around.

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