Jerry Douglas: ‘Michael Muhney Is High Strung & Emotional’

Posted on January 10th, 2014 at 2:30 pm



Jerry Douglas, the legendary actor who plays the patriarch John Abbott on Young And The Restless, tells RumorFix exclusively, "I think Bill Bell [the creator of Y & R] would be turning in his grave" because of the show's groping scandal.

Jerry, who was killed off and returns to the show twice a month as a ghost, says, "It's sad to see the publicity coming out of this upsetting  situation."

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The 81-year-old says Michael Muhney (Adam Newman), who was fired for allegedly groping Hunter King's (Summer Newman) breasts, "was very respectful with me telling me how much he admired my work and all of those nice compliments."

But, the daytime icon says, "I watched him work a couple of scenes with Eric Braeden [Victor Newman] and there were a lot of battles that went on there that were unnecessary. Eric is an old pro and does good work. This guy seemed to be high strung and emotional. He would just blow up in the middle of the scene for things that aren't that important."

He continued, "Eric told me this [heated arguments] has been going on for a long time ... I know the producer has had meetings with him because I saw Michael walking out looking upset." Jerry says Sony and the producers showed tremendous patience by not firing his long ago.

On the other hand, Jerry says, Hunter "is an adorable girl" The actor, who has been on the soap for 25 years, says, "To do a thing like that to a woman is despicable and unacceptable. It's sad."

The veteran adds, "Actors work under a very emotional situation. That’s our job is to remember it’s make believe it's acting. "

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    1. Brian Delaney says:

      If you read Eric Braeden’s tweets, it’s obvious Muhney’s not the only one who is “high strung and emotional” LOL!

      We all agree with Mr. Douglas, “To do a thing like that to a woman is despicable and unacceptable. It’s sad.” That doesn’t mean he did it. And Mr. Douglas DIDN’T SAY that he did it either.

      It would be interesting to see the entire question from Rumorfix and the entire answer from Mr. Douglas that they cropped that quote out of. They obviously trimmed it to make it look the most incriminating that they could.

      God this stuff just needs to stop. SHAME on CBS for letting it all get so out of hand.

      • Rumor Fix says:

        Mr. Douglas has no knowledge whether Michael did it or not. He is a gentleman, who is sad that the incident has tarnished the show he loves so much.

        • RedRiver38 says:

          Then he should cease the bashing of Mr. Muhney, who he doesn’t know, yet feels compelled to insult his professionalism. Really, these Y&R actors have ruined the enjoyment of watching this show. I’ll never be able to separate their hateful behavior with their on air antics. I’m so over this show. I’m turning it off on January 30th when Muhney exits and it fades to black.

        • Long Time Viewer says:

          I will not believe this accusation until I hear Michael admit it. This show is going downhill fast and I am tired of watching Victor get away with everything he does to hurt people. Adam is what makes me tune in every day and I certainly hope if someone new comes in, that he has a part written that puts Victor in his place. Further, if this accusation cannot be proven, MICHAEL SHOULD BE BROUGHT BACK!!!

      • TXGRL38 says:

        Looks to me like JD was only saying what he HAD seen, and repeating what is public knowledge about the HK situation. As far as CBS being blamed for it getting out of hand, well, I’m not a fan of the “higher ups” at CBS, but it’s the people taking to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media who keep stirring the pot that has this spinning out of control. I was very upset upon learning MM was fired, but after hearing why it’s totally understandable. I don’t see MM denying it either. I absolutely LOVE MM as an actor, but if he did what is being said then he needed to be let go.

      • ozzyinch says:

        And who knows WHAT was edited out of that interview. LIke perhaps the line, “if it’s true what is being said….”

      • lililili says:

        How TRUE!

      • Diamond Lil says:

        I agree with your statement about Eric. I ask, ” Who’s has a bigger temper or ego than Eric Braeden”????? Also think it’s despictable what they claim Michael Muhney did to Hunter if it’s true.The thing is we haven’t gotten any proof yet and I think they owe that to us as loyal fans.

    2. RedRiver38 says:

      Like most of the cast, Mr Douglas keeps attacking Mr Muhney. They look petty and mean-spirited. Very defensive, but in a losing position. Mr Braeden is just as unreasonable as Mr Muhney, only he’s privileged because of his tenure on the show. I’ve never seen a group of people make a bad situation even worse for themselves. They’ve declared war on a portion of their viewers. This is a textbook PR and marketing case for years to come. JD has known EB for years, so of course he’ll side with him and the “home team”. Perspective, humility, and understanding are key missing characteristics by many of the Y&R cast. The audience is watching.

    3. Janettwokay says:

      Horrible writeup. Who wrote that crap? That was a 30-second waste of my time that I’ll never get back. Ugh.

    4. Fred says:

      The reason the cast is attacking Muhney is most likely because their boss, Jill Farren Phelps is making them do it to keep their jobs. Everyone is afraid of losing their jobs on The Dylan McAvoy Show.

      As far as the groping rumors, Nelson Branco stated in his blog yesterday that the groping incident never happened according to his sources. CBS official statement says that it’s only a rumor not a fact.

      It was a rumor started by a crazed fan on a message board & TMZ picked it up and ran with it. The fan was threatened with a lawsuit and has since deleted their account but it still can be tracked. Eventually the person who started this lie will come to light as their account can be tracked.

    5. xy&rfan says:

      Out of respect for Jerry Douglas after all of these years, I will only say, you’ve got to be kidding! This is much more than Michael has been given. Shame on all of you w/your trash talk. You all do, however, have reason to worry because if 1/30 arrives and if MM is not rehired then the fans will be fans no more!

      • Alice says:

        Get real. Muhney is not going to be rehired. His character will probably go to jail for the hit & run. Show’s can survive losing one actor.

        Y&R is a business. Sony, the owner, has fired or refused to hire popular actors previously with no long term ill effect.

        • Lili says:

          Only The RATINGS will tell how this will play out. Can’t imagine anyone wants to watch the new Y&R that JFP’s has envisioned. It’s GOD AWFUL and painful to watch those terrible MODEL/ACTORS trying to stay in character. Horrible acting, and the VICTOR story line is dated beyond old. No more Phyllis, No more Billy that we love, No more ADAM NEWMAN and no more MRS.C! Who are you kidding?

        • xy&rfan says:

          All I could tell you is to sit back and watch the ratings plummet and then you’ll realize the strength of the MM fans!

        • Derp says:

          They already said they are just going to recast him. Billy too. Tells you how much they really care…someone leaves just shove a warm body in it’s place and continue on.

    6. No.Mo.B.O. says:

      Old coots, i.e. Eric “Goat daddy”. Braedan and Jerry “Ghost Daddy” are both cranky old men and need to shut their pie holes. They’re jealous of MM’s talent and youth.

    7. Adam Tierney says:

      Actually, Jerry Douglas has been with Y&R for almost 33 years, not 25. (His character was “killed off” after 25 years in 2006.) As far as the alleged incident (since we’ve never been presented with actual facts), if it happened, he deserved to be fired. If it didn’t, it’s horrible that MM’s reputation has been tarnished. It’s seems like everyone is a loser here.

      • Lena says:

        You have just made probably the best statement about the situation. EVERYONE is a loser here. It’ sad.

        • Sandy Dansby says:

          Seems that the people who are bashing Michael ALL have something to gain. Neil, Paul nikki, avery suddenly all have story lines, albeit boing…….The real reason is as Jerry put it “high strung”, so what if Eric an Michael don’t like each other, In the SHOW they don’t like each other so it just adds to the intense and interesting viewing. The Producer, writers, actors, need to think of the FANS the people who give them a job. Since ending guiding light and ATWT’I have rarely seen any of them on anything else. The show will fail if they only have Jack and Victor. The rest are all bore snore…GET A GRIP Y&R, think of your fans and ratings and not who LIKES who…….Victor ma be top dog, but top dog don’t have job either if the show goes under, and regardless of what Y&R thinks, the FANS want Michael Muhney BACK

      • Anna S. says:

        Adam Tierney, I have been saying this all along and because Eric Braden posted that he was not responsible for MM being fired makes me believe that t was his doing. There has been nothing but she said he said with no witnesses so to me f no one seen it how can they prove it! I hope tha what CBS and Sony did to MM will take his carrer to higher levels than day time. He is a great actor and one of the best on Y&R in a long time!

    8. Kris says:

      I love YR, I enjoy The Ghost” I don’t enjoy “Victor” or EB’s acting “ok”..but.that’s just my opinion. I’m also tired of the press, rumors, and all negative tweets n comments that Include the cast..This has gotten out of hand. Blame to be spread all around from the higher ups down to some actors. Handled incredibly wrong and press w edited interviews & stories are no help. Something is not right w the show that they lost Stafford Miller and now Muhney..

      • JC says:

        i agree something is going on and they don’t want to admit that, I have been watching Y&R for decades and as good as EB is they need to change his direction as it is getting old very fast, I am so tired of writers having Victor be as he is, please do something about it.

    9. Donna Bertram Petrosino says:

      Just wish all the actors from Y&R would stop adding fuel to an already blazing fire. I think both EB and MM are perfectionists and therefore clashing is inevitable. But for MM to be fired for that is insane. Just saying. Team Muhney…

    10. a viewer says:

      at this point seriously, just tell us the truth, and then it will be done, yes people will be people and still make comments but at least the rumor mill can be stopped.

    11. Sheri Fergerson says:

      I believe what Jerry Douglas commented on, but it doesn’t matter what we think anyway, Y&R fires actors and rehire new ones and it doesn’t matter what we think In the first place. I hate to see Adam, Billy, and Phillis leave but it’s not up to us.

    12. Sylvia Mason says:

      I for one am absolutely sick and tired of this whole entire mess! First off, many of the actors are probably afraid to say exactly “what they think” whether they are in agreement with Michael Muhney being accused of “fondling” Hunter King’s breasts, not once, but supposedly twice! If Jill Farren Philips knew of these incidents, why did she not “fire” Michael at the beginning. Or, why didn’t Hunter King go then directly to the Police when JFP didn’t do anything about these incidents! To keep an actor on the show when you know what happened and not do anything about it, tells me that there is something going on and that all of this might be a set up. If indeed Michael is “guilty” of these accusations, then he should have been let go.

      Too many of the actors on this show are not really saying what they “believe”. They all skirt around the issue and it’s because they are afraid of “upsetting the apple cart”, namely JFP, who could have had them fired or have their story line slowly written off and then they wouldn’t have a story line. If they feel that Michael is “guilty” then say so, but don’t be wishy-washy about it. You either believe or know that the story is true or that it is false.

      Michael maybe a “tempermental” actor and blow up on the set, and if this is true, then he needs to learn to “deal with his issues”.

      As for Eric Braeden, he may have been a good actor in his earlier years, however, for the past 10 years or so, as far as I’m concerned he could have been written off. It’s not his fault that he is given the “words” to say, that make us “hate” the character, But, I for one, am absolutely sick and tired of “his character, Victor”!! I also know that Eric had problem with Peter who plays Jack. Eric, to me, strikes me as an individual who is not a “team” player.

      There are other actors on this show, that I feel are not good actors and there are actors that I would miss.

      The ‘WRITERS’ of the show need to start being consistent. It seems that they always get rid of the ones that truly write a great story. It used to be that the Y & R didn’t ‘DRAG OUT’ story lines. Whereas in the past several years, story lines seem to go on and on forever!

      The “FANS’ who have been watching for decades also know characters backgrounds and don’t forget where these characters have come from. the NEW WRITERS” have just completely disassociated actors with the characters they play. Thereby making the storylines for awful and unconvincing!

      Michael Muhney “needs” to speak to the issue at hand. If he is guilty then please Michael to the right thing and tell your fans the truth. That goes to Hunter King as well.

      All parties need to tell the truth and if they all contradict each other, then, they should all be required to take a lie detector test. Perhaps the man who does all of the lie detector tests for Dr. Phil could be the one who administers the tests.

      If you are in the “public’s eye”, you should know that how you conduct yourself will be found out to the “fans”. The fans are the ones who keep you in your job by paying , indirectly, your salary. They purchase the products that are advertised on their shows and if the ratings for a show go down, the show can and will be cancelled.

      Enough is enough as I’ve said – please let the TRUTH BE KNOWN!!!!!

      • Mandy Newman says:

        Why were the police not involved, if this happened….Why were there no charges brought up against MM if he did this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Something about this whole situation makes NO since to me…..I just hate this is even happening…….First Billy now Adam, I mean come on oh yea Phillis was first to go!!!!!!!!!!!! Whats going on Y&R??????????????????????

        • Nic says:

          If I guy at work grabbed my boob once or twice I would not call the police, I’d just punch him and then tell TPTB. It sucks to see Billy Miller go, but I sure hope he does end up on GH cause he is a great actor. I would really like to see Phyllis come out of her coma on Y&R….. We NEED Michelle STAFFORD BACK!!!!!

    13. Roberta Stark says:

      I posted that exact comment somewhere last week…if Bill Sr. could see what’s happening to his creation, he’d be turning summer salts in his grave. Would have been nice though, if Jerry hadn’t jumped on the band wagon to trash Michael Muhney. I’m tired of everyone speculating and give the fans facts. I want to hear from TPTB the REAL reason MM was fired and if it was for his attitude, then what steps were taking to correct that before he was fired. Just like Bill Sr. warned Braeden & Bergman what would happen to BOTH OF THEM if they ever got into it again. That was all it took for them to never go there again.

      John Abbott was killed off, so Jerry doesn’t have to be concerned with retribution other than never having a recurring role on Y&R again. But what do you expect him to say, he works for CBS! In the “couple” (2) times Jerry claims to have observed EB & MM on the set getting into A LOT of unnecessary battles, he fails to elaborate what those battles were about…..only that he felt they were unnecessary. Then he goes on to describe MM as “high strung” and “emotional”. It sounds like he has based more of his negative opinion regarding MM from the word of his old buddy, Eric Braeden, rather than his own observation.

      Winners of People’s Choice Awards said it best this past week, “I have to thank the fans for giving me the opportunity to do what I love.” It’s the fans who have made Y&R the #1 soap for the past 25 years. This scandal is dividing the cast and the fans. And if enough of the fans hold true to boycotting Y&R after Jan 30th, you very well may see the death of Y&R.

      I, for one, have been a fan since the show’s inception. I have dedicated 3/4 of my life to this show. This isn’t a joke to the fans. We want answers and we’re not going to back down until we get those answers or results one. Some of us idolize the actors/characters. And with so many of them coming out with their ugly tweets and comments, it is changing how we feel about the entire show. It would be best if the cast members remained impartial, at least publicly. Attacking fans who have idolized them is not going to help them keep their job! If I were an actor on that show, I’d start looking for another job for I truly feel its days are numbered.

      It was not an easy decision for me to decide to cease from watching Y&R after Jan. 30th. It started with the firing of MM a week before Christmas and now with the way the scandal has been mishandled, the rumors, the cast coming out and scolding fans and back-biting other cast members…..well I cannot watch this show anymore knowing how ugly that actors have been to the fans when we’re the reason they even has a job! You want to talk about egos, the cast members who are speaking out taunting disgusted, grieving fans who have professed to stop watching, well we’ll see how much of an ego these cocky cast members have when the ratings plummet and they’re facing unemployment. So I guess we’ll have to hide, watch and see how this scandal plays out and how it affects the existence of Y&R!

      • SanDiegoSteve says:

        I have a week’s worth of episodes on the DVR and have no plans to watch them. The show is becoming a joke and very unwatchable. I have been watching faithfully since 1981.

    14. canadian56 says:

      well everyone including “ghosts” are condemning this man before any concrete proof has been provided – to the so called victim of whom I am not a fan of I find it hard that a married, family man of 3 children would stoop that low – and to actor playing Victor well on screen he is a bully and in real life by his comments he comes across as a bully perhaps he is a little jealous he has been playing his role for decades now and new blood ie Michael is perhaps stealing some of the limelight….time goes on and karma will strike who is telling the truth…we can all have our opinions but in the end its these TWO people not tv soap opera characters who know the 100% truth….good luck Michael this too shall pass and its Young and Restless who loose because viewers will definately stop watching!

    15. jobrooks says:

      Oh What would Jeannie Cooper say? (Catherine Chancellor).She would get to the bottom of it. We miss her but I’m sure her soul is relieved that she’s not in the mix of this mess.

    16. tvfan says:

      He wasn’t told why he was fired,the subject only came after the backlash and then he wasn’t immediately kicked off exposing him to his “victim”.the whole thing was handled badly.

    17. Jordan says:

      Here’s my 2 cents worth: I’ve lost a lot of respect for this soap and many of the actors speaking out against MM. What happened to “innocent until proven guilty”. Where is the law in this if MM did grope a young girl? If he did, shame on him but if he didn’t, shame on Y&R. I don’t know anyone of them personally but the things they’ve come out with lately makes me glad I don’t. They judge MM over and over yet it was his passion and emotional that probably made him such a great Adam Newman. IMO no one can ever replace him because he IS Adam Newman now. I loved that he went up against Victor because I am sick of Victor Newman (I FF all his scenes). If I had to hear “you got that?!” one more time I would have become ill. MM’s firing was shocking to fans. Of course we aren’t going to like it for whatever reasons. But it appears that us fans are supposed to “buy into” a character and invest our emotions into the characters yet when something shocking happens, eh “get over it”. So, eh I’n over Y & R in which I’ve watched for over 35 years.

    18. Gail Nugent says:

      In other words Michael Muhney was his own worst enemy because of all his emotional baggage.

    19. Linda says:

      This is really getting out of hand…and it needs to be agreed upon to stop bashing and move on.

    20. kelz says:

      for the life of me, i cant understand how make believe hatred spill over in real life. if MM do that to miss hunter. its wrong i cant condone that. but i think this thing between eric and micheal have something to do with him being fire. haveu ever really look at adam and victor scene its too real thats not acting. the animosity and haterd is too evidently thats beyond acting.

    21. Jack's Mom says:

      Ok, so maybe MM shouldn’t argue with EB. But come on. He is not the only one EB has fought with on that show. And if you follow EB on twitter and see how he bashes, threatens and attacks his fans, can you imagine how he treats his costars? I saw him viciously attack a new reporter last year for no reason. He is a bully. He is out of control and he is a has-been who is trying to hold on to his past.

    22. marlafree says:

      Its terrible MM was really having the show worth watching. This can just be cancelled with so many actors leaving i am a fan of this for over 25 years.

    23. David08K says:

      Bring Adam back and move on, please?

    24. Reality says:

      Eric Braeden is no saint – he has a volatile history with Peter Bergman and once even came to blows with him. I’m sure many of his co-stars have had difficulty with his ego & arrogance. Poor Melody Thomas…No wonder Nikki drank! 😉

    25. Wzy says:

      MM was a drama queen on Veronica Mars as well and that is why he was killed off. Y&R is not the problem, he is. I don’t see how EB was “emotional” until MM made “jokes” about him being a pedophile. NOT A JOKE dude!

    26. mckenna says:

      Michael Muhney is innocent till proven otherwise! Mr. Douglas does not know the real story.

    27. Jane says:

      Eric Braeden needs to come off his high horse and realize that he will not be on top forever.
      Eric also seems to be very tempermental and high strung!!!
      There are many holes to this story.

    28. hateit says:

      I think they could have settle this a long time ago. Y&R has made some big mistakes over the years first for letting Victoria Rowell go, She has the best chemistry with Krisoff no one can compete definitely not the person who plays Leslie. As for Eric his character can do anything and he gets away with it people are tired of that character, because no one is invincible I don’t care how long you’ve been on a show.Some times people of the hire ups can damage their show because they are arrogant. I’m with the rest of the people I’m going to stop watching after Jan. 30th. I don’t condone anybody doing something that is hurtful to another human being,but this could have been dealt with if it really happened. two people know for sure and that’s MM and Hunter.

    29. lililili says:

      This is another example of a cast member trashing another cast member. With actors/actresses leaving, the horrible Delia storyline, and this terrible infighting of the cast, not to mention the loss of MM (if he did it, delete here), I left Y and R 2 weeks ago. I LOVED this show, and now I can’t begin to watch it.

      • lgill says:


    30. Lillian says:

      Jerry Douglas naturally will stick up for Eric Braede over a young man like Michael Muhney.. What does Jerry Dougla think of our beloved Jeanne Cooper groping Joshua Morrow’s crotch. It that okay, or is there a double standard. Or, does age make a differenc. As far as I’m concerned, No matter male or female, young or old, it’s not appropriate. Jerry is a Company man also and fears for his little Ghost part he has.
      I’m a looooooong time viewer of Y & R and B & B and I’m outraged by what’s been going on. Where’s the proof? I haven’t seen any regading Michael’s alledged groping. Everybody is so quick to condemn. Oh, Ihad tears reading the sweet things Jerry said about Hunter King. The poor, little innocent Blonde who’s always showing off her “big boobs”. Maybe she asked for it if, in fact, she did get groped.
      I am a female, but I will not stick upfor those of my gender if they are wrong. I don’t have all the facts because CBS is hiding things. If in fact Michael did grope Hunter, then why wasn’t legal action taken? Was CBS afraid of scandel, or didn’t they have enough proof and/or both. Let’s quit stalling around and get out the facts.
      If Michael is innocent, I hope he sues the pants off of the Show.

      • Mel says:

        I agree. There is more to this story. The way the storyline was going makes me more suspicious. So Adam just happened to be found out as the driver at the same time that Michael was fired? Makes no sense. It’s too coincidental. It feels like it was their plan to fire him all along and just made an excuse for us fans. They are not coming off good in this situation. They have to come out with the full truth for us to understand. Watching MM and BM’s final performance was bittersweet knowing the best actors were leaving. Such wonderful performances.

    31. Anna S. says:

      Poor Jill, is still locked up in that room, she is probably dead by now! LOL

    32. Derp says:

      The facts is the show itself is dying. All the good actors are leaving and the ones left are barely worth watching anymore. Had MM actually done this the police would have been involved, there would be a police report and charges. The lack of that tells me someone is not being truthful and it may involve multiple people. Sad thing is outside of Jack there really isn’t anyone left on the show I am even remotely entertained in watching. Looks like it’s finally time to find a new show to watch because all the signs are there – this one is about to bite the dust.

    33. SWFLORIDA1106 says:

      Class act…

    34. rebeccaanne says:

      if it happened he would have been more than fired. it is a crime. for sure

    35. rebeccaanne says:

      If Hunter is telling why is she not going all the way it is not a halfway thing or is it a misunderstanding of some kind of work thing and they just fire him that is wrong i feel bad i liked him and he is a person who gives 100 percent i watched every every day and it is my favorite show i have seen him he is a family man you can see it just busted his but acting and they just fire him no dedication to give him fairness. sorry thats my truth tell me do you feel he did that no way.

    36. Toni Davis says:

      I think it’s a sad day when they can’t keep the people who are worth watching if this did happen it should have went through the proper channels with a sexual harassment claim made and maybe some classes on the subjet taken and a fine imposed not firing first and slander I am so done watching unless they bring him and other good actor’s back.

    37. Sandy Dansby says:

      everyone needs to go to and sign petition for Adam Please…….

    38. candalee says:

      mr douglas you were killed off so please return to the after life where your opinions still wont matter..thank you that is all

    39. Life'sABitch says:

      “Eric is an old pro and does good work.” He is obviously sticking up for a longtime friend over an actor he barely knows. Apparently in his mind everyone should roll over on their backs and submit to the “alpha dog.” If Braeden does such good work, why can’t he remember his lines? His ad-libbing makes it difficult on those who actually take the time to remember their lines. Those are the real professionals (Muhney), not Braeden. Time to hang it up, Victor, and let the better actors take over.

    40. Deb says:

      Very few of us who have to work get to choose who we get to work with. Actors are not special people they just get paid really good and we enjoy their work. But they should have to
      pretend to get along and do their jobs just like us regular people. Why? We do because we have a job and need the money. Eric Braden, Melody Thomas Scott and all the others who bashed Michael Muhney should have kept their opinions to themselves. Gossip spreads like wildfire. The only two who really know what happened is Hunter King and Michael Muhney. I loved Michael Muhney’s portrayal of Adam Newman. He will always be the only actor who can be Adam Newman. The show is barely watchable now because of all the character changes. I will be watching for Michael Muhney’ s acting wherever it takes him. He is a great actor. If he was high strung or did wrong to Hunter, I’m sure he regrets any problems he caused but please do not ruin his career. We ALL have regrets of things that have happened in life. If the actors of Y&R would be interested in keeping their jobs AndY&R to have higher ratings to continue to stay on the air, they need to challenge can to bring back Billy Miller, Michael Muhney and Michelle Stafford. These are the ones we miss the most and are irreplaceable in all the fans eyes and hearts.

    41. Linda says:

      What happened to the most recent Billy to leave Y & R? He was Excellent! This new guy is so boring. His scenes are hard to watch. Not much of an actor, just saying.

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