Is Justin Bieber Abusing The Dangerous Drugs Cocktail Sizzurp?

Posted on January 18th, 2014 at 9:07 am
Still A Rumor

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An alarming new report has surfaced claiming that pop star Justin Bieber is allegedly abusing sizzurp.

TMZ reports that the multimillionaire singer is taking the drugs cocktail which combines codeine and promethazine that is then mixed with sugary soft drinks and Jolly Rancher.

The website also alleges that people close to the young star want him to enter rehab and are worried that he is also using Xanax, alcohol and pot too.

The star has hit the headlines for his "hard partying: antics over the years, so, let's hope the report is not true.

To date, the 19-year-old Canadian-born singer has sold over 15 million albums around the world while earning an estimated $100 million in the process.

So far, the singer's reps have not commented on the allegations.

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