Is Curvy Lena Dunham Being Fat Shamed On Her First Vogue Cover?

Posted on January 15th, 2014 at 11:04 am
Still A Rumor

lenaIt's a serious honor for any female celeb to grace the cover of fashion bible Vogue magazine.

And HBO's Girls creator/actress Lena Dunham has scored the honor for February's issue.  But why are we not seeing more of Lena on the cover?

The photo is a close up of the 27-year-old's face with a hint of a polka dotted blouse buttoned up all the way to her neck.  The magazine's cover shots usually showcase the star's body - see Katy Perry and Sandra Bullock - as well as showcase the fashion that encompasses all that is Vogue. With Lena, all we get is her head and just a hint of neck. And a really ugly shirt.

Similar controversies have occurred when Elle magazine covered up plus size Melissa McCarthy in a giant coat on their cover.  The same magazine took heat for a recent Mindy Kaling cover that supposedly covered up the non-size-zero TV star while giving thinner actresses like Alison Williams (Dunham's Girls co-star) a full body cover.

To Vogue's credit, Dunham's curvier frame is featured beautifully in a series of high fashion looks inside the magazine.  But we have to ask, why not on the cover?

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