‘Hollywood Hillbillies’ Michael Kittrell Sets The Record Straight On ‘Angry Ginger’ Rumors

Posted on January 28th, 2014 at 1:35 pm

hollywood-hillbilliesMichael Kittrell made a name for himself as the "Angry Ginger" through his YouTube videos.

Kitrell, whose emotional video rants include how he has been bullied in school because of his red hair color, has now been made the star of the new TV show Hollywood Hillbillies.

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And with his sudden rise to fame, the video blogger-turned-reality TV star must start fending off rumors to help protect his reputation.

In a new video on the Reelz network website, Kitrell sets the record straight on rumors that he's an angry person, saying that he's "not angry at all" and is actually "a nice guy."

Check out Michael's entire explanation here!

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