Brandi Glanville Getting Axed From ‘RHOBH’?! No Truth, Says Source

Posted on January 22nd, 2014 at 12:55 pm

Brandi Glanville at 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Season 4 Premiere PartyIs Brandi Glanville worried she could be fired from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? According to online reports, yes! But according to RumorFix' reliable show insider, no!

Rumor has it that the star is nervous Bravo is giving her the boot over the star's often uncensored comments.

“Brandi is fully aware of what a big mouth she has and doesn’t really censor anything she says, and doesn’t want to,” a source revealed to RadarOnline. “But she’s also aware that it might be too much for Bravo and it looks like her fan base might be falling, which has her worried.” 

“It wouldn't be the end of the world for producers to push Brandi off the show — she has so much going on with her book deals and Podcast,” the source said. “But she genuinely enjoys filming the show. She’d rather stay on board, but it’s pretty clear right now she’s on the chopping block.”

While Brandi did test the waters with her recent child molestation joke, sources close to the reality star tell RumorFix that she's most definitely not getting the axe from Bravo.

Our insider reveals that LeAnn Rimes and her army of "Brandi haters" are partly to blame for the recent rumor. "Brandi is not worried about getting fired from RHOBH," our source dishes, "It's LeAnn's Twitter people tweeting to Andy Cohen that they want her fired. It's all coming from LeAnn's people and there is no truth to it."

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And with LeAnn and Eddie Cibrian's reality show just right around the corner, what perfect timing for the country singer to start stirring the drama pot again, our source tells us. "LeAnn is trying so hard to bait Brandi so that they can talk sh*t while they shoot their show."

Brandi is laying low and paying no mind to LeAnn's supposed antics, because she knows that Rimes is secretly trying to boost excitement for her upcoming show, says our source.

Apart from that drama, our insider also tells us that Glanville has been shooting scenes for next season during hiatus. 

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    1. Michael says:

      Brandi probably wont get fired, Andy Cohen likes her. Andy is constantly making poor decisions when it comes to programming, that’s why he was demoted from his executive position with the company. Bravo left him in charge of the Housewives franchises and gave him a 2 year contract extension with WWHL. I imagine that if he can’t turn the ratings around within those two years, Bravo will be done with him.

    2. Ketzellah says:

      It’s always LeAnn’s fault…even when it was Brandi’s big mouth that started the whole mess, she still blames LeAnn and the masses fall for it every time!

    3. Eska says:

      Brandi is this season’s villain. everyone gets a turn at being villain. Remember S1 Camille? Totally different than S2 and S3 Camille. Besides without Brandi this season would be boring since Joyce and Brandi was the storyline for like 5 episodes.

      I love that Leann realizes that Brandi makes good TV and wants to bait her to start drama for her lame reality show.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t think its all Rimes people. I watch all the Housewives shows and I am tired of Brandi and Carlton especially. Hope they both go.

      • je says:

        I pray that Carltons “I think womens bodies are a work of art” doesn’t become the next story line.

    4. tibi says:

      I don’t care for LeAnn at all but I still want Brandi fired. She is just trashy and straight out of the gutter, she has no place in BH.

    5. Girl using brain says:

      I don’t know who your “source” is (Brandi), but they aren’t filming season 5 yet. They haven’t even filmed the reunion show yet. AND, no, it’s not just twitter people calling for Brandi to go, read the comments on the Bravo blogs, but nice try (Brandi).

    6. tikideluth says:

      Brandi is shooting scenes for next season during hiatus? Isn’t the point of “hiatus” that it’s a break from filming?

    7. je says:

      I wish it were me that was molested instead of my sister cause I’m so hot ha ha ha.
      No brandi, really need to be off the show and I have never listened to leanne rimes.

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