Are Charlize Theron And Sean Penn Hollywood’s New A-List Couple?

Posted on January 3rd, 2014 at 9:24 am
Still A Rumor

Semi-Exclusive... Did Sean Penn Spend The Night At Charlize Theron's House?!This is a possible pairing we didn't see coming.

Sean Penn and gorgeous Charlize Theron were spotted together over the holidays on vacation in Hawaii.  They were in the same place in Maui but made it a point to not be seen together...until photographs surfaced Friday of the pair hanging out on the beach  Albeit they were just talking and a friend was present.

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But then they were later spotted getting off the same flight from Hawaii at L.A.X., but were careful to deplane apart.

Now that they're back in LA, they're fueling rumors that it was more than a holiday vacation together they were spotted driving separate vehicles leaving Charlize's home on Thursday morning, making many question if he spent the night.

If they are together now, what a pair!  Both Oscar winners, both gorgeous, and both incredibly talented.

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