Adam Levine Should Not Be Pimping ADHD Drugs On TV, Says Expert

Posted on January 21st, 2014 at 3:32 pm


The Voice's Adam Levine is very open about being diagnosed with ADHD when he was a child, but some mental health experts are upset with his PSA because they believe he is encouraging the public to ask for prescription drugs.

On the public service announcement, Adam says, "Like many kids with ADHD I didn't outgrow it. I remember very distinctly not being able to focus, so that was right around the time I saw a doctor."

The TV spot encourages people to take a quiz on and consult with their doctor. Although the commercial and the website don't mention a specific ADHD drug, it is sponsored by Shire, which makes Adderall.

 Jeff Ball, PH.D. founder and executive director of PCH Treatment Centers in West Los Angeles tells RumorFix exclusively,"Pharmaceutical companies are well aware that if they can get someone of the stature of Adam Levine promoting their medication, the general public is more likely to ask for that prescription from their doctor and all too often they comply."

In 2012, ADHD medications were responsible for $9 billion dollars in sales.

"It's a disturbing trend that has been developing in the mental health community for quite some time, where it's all too easy to over diagnose ADHD and dispense medication as treatment when in fact a much more comprehensive approach is better for patients," Ball says.

"Our experience at PCH Treatment Center is that most people who are diagnosed with ADHD in fact do not have ADHD," Ball explains. "The only way to properly diagnose someone is through neuropsychological testing. The best approach to treat people who may actually have ADHD may involve individual, group and sometimes family therapy; physical activity including exercise, yoga, walks, etc; biofeedback; art therapy; and other forms of holistic therapy. Medications should not the first course of treatment and when they are needed, should be used as sparingly as possible."

Adam's reps haven't responded to our request for comment.

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    1. pr63 says:

      how much money is he getting for pimping these drugs??

    2. Jillene Seaman says:

      Adam has every right to speak out about what he went through. Every person is different and everyone is different but if it helped him and made him happier, why shouldn’t he talk about it. He is just trying to help other’s help need to talk about it. The more people who do, help the ones who are scared.

    3. Jenn says:

      If you take your kid to a doctor and say… “Well Adam Levine was on TV talking about drugs for ADHD and I want my kid to have some.. because well Adam said. You need your damn head examined. Its what worked for HIM.. He wants to get kids to know it can be okay.. and you can be a functioning adult. So seriously get off his ass..

    4. Maha says:

      He’s mentioned his ADHD quite a few times.
      I think he has the right to endorse his battles and how he’s overcome them, and make others aware they might have a problem and may be able to overcome them too.
      PS> There’s a video of a concert in Japan or Korea, where he’s singing She Will be Loved, and people attending the concert flew paper planes- he has such a hard time concentrating on singing afterwards, he gets so distracted by the planes out of nowhere all of a sudden.

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