Abby Lee Miller Engaged To Michael Padula, Debuts Ring?! -EXCLUSIVE

Posted on January 25th, 2014 at 11:46 am
Still A Rumor

Fullscreen capture 1252014 114950 AMHas Abby Lee Miller finally found the man of her dreams?

After decades of running Abby Lee Miller Dance Company as a single woman, it appears the dancing diva may be settling down into the arms of her rumored boyfriend, Michael Padula.

The Dance Moms star sparked rumors of an engagement Friday night after she posted a photograph to her Instagram embracing her man and sporting a rock on her wedding ring finger. The reality star captioned the flick, "I do!!!"

RumorFix has reached out to the Abby's camp for official confirmation.

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    1. Michael says:

      I think it’s more a case of Michael Padula has found a sugar momma. The guy is an Italian actor and probably is looking for any break in the business he can get. As much as he may not like it, he will probably have to swallow his pride and play boytoy to Abby until something better comes along. Why else would a guy that looks like Michael have anything to do with such a hateful woman that looks like Abby, unless it’s all just for the show.

      • Veronica Rivera says:

        You are Shallow , Shallow , First off Abby is not ugly , second of all a lot of guys are into full size girls . Also Personality , how a person treats you and they way they love you has a lot to do with wanting to be with someone . At the end of the day lets say you are right the guy is a golddigger which I disagree but ok this is not different than any other guy or girl that marries someone more successful people will talk , No one knows for real . But if that was the case and you were right 100% if she is happy I say money well spent . Enjoy your life and let others do the same . Congrats Abby !!! By the way they been a couple since 2012 .

        • Michael says:

          I may be shallow, but you are a fool if you think this is anything more than a publicity stunt for the both of them.

          • Veronica Rivera says:

            Acceptance is the first step good for you ! In regards to Abby a publicity stunt lol I guess that is why they been dating since 2012 yeah , that possibility is very unlikely since they have not even advertised on the show and besides Twitter and the pictures he is been posting for almost 2 years and love tweets he has posted all this time . The big fuss is that she actually responded . But even if it is Everyone deserves love regardless of how they look like or what they do . And more often than not the people you think undesirable are usually the most caring and loving one can meet . Attraction is important but if the personality bites , manners ect the attraction will wore off really fast .Besides when the looks fade what? You become a sugar papa if you have the funds and become the same thing you are saying about her ?

            • Michael says:

              Abby’s voluptuous body isn’t her biggest problem, her sour and hateful personality would be enough to turn any man off.

            • Michael says:

              Maybe Abby would be willing to join Michael in a threesome with this guy hugging him in this photo taken from his facebook page.

            • Veronica Rivera says:

              As they say whatever floats her boat , you know whats funny a dude looking for this cheap shots and to me this may or may not mean what you said on your comment. Perhaps you know first hand the situation with this or dated them . Otherwise you are gossiping and in a Man that is not a very good trait if indeed you are a man like you said in your previous comments . hummm

            • Michael says:

              I wasn’t looking for a cheap shot. I was trying to confirm what you said about him and her being a couple over the last year. This photo is just something I came across in that search.

            • Veronica Rivera says:

              I came to reply the comment you erased however You are NOW saying her personality and soul lol ok lets see she is a great daughter , a great teacher , accomplished in her own right . That is what I see since you love to talk about being a fool once should not believe everything one sees in a reality show . According to the show she is sort of mean but in reality we do not know how she truly is . Besides if she were so hateful as you described her why is she so popular and why the mother’s stay . There are thousands of dance school she produces employable dancers . I guess you realized 2012 was not a couple of months ago lol

            • My opinion says:

              I agree with Michael. Veronica must be a fluffy chick to have taken what you said so personally.

            • Annie Logan says:

              Christi is even more hateful than Abby and she’s married.

    2. Linda Moore says:


    3. ratched girl! says:

      is he blind

    4. Marlene123456 says:

      Dipsticks, he is gay as a $2 dollar bill. He will get her money and rip with his man.

    5. Tara says:

      Good for u he is hot and u r beautiful Don’t bother with nasty comments it’s nobodies business

    6. windingdown says:

      Congrats girl.. what a catch!!

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