Will Ferrell Surprises Local News Station, Anchors Evening Show As Ron Burgandy!

Posted on December 2nd, 2013 at 5:38 am

anchormanWe love Will Ferrell!

The actor showed up in character as Ron Burgandy at a local news station in Minot, North Dakota Saturday night, and the Anchorman star anchored the entire evening news!

Accompanied by KXMB's Amber Schatz, the camera's initial shot of "Ron" had him saying, "I'm Ron Burgundy, thank you for joining us tonight" before going into the program.

In true Ron Burgandy fashion, the actor declared, "Amber, you look lovely tonight, are you married?" he asked his co-host, who replied that she's not. "Well I am, so don't get any ideas," Ron replied back.

And when another anchor asked him how long it took him to grow his beard, Ferrell quipped, "This? About 20 minutes."

Anchorman 2 is set to hit the big screen December 18.

Watch the clip below to see all the newsroom craziness unfold!

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