Who Is Amber Laign? (PHOTOS)

Posted on December 29th, 2013 at 5:21 pm


Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts revealed that she's been dating Amber Laign for a decade on Sunday.

And now GMA fans everywhere are wondering "Who is Amber Laign?"


Here's what the RumorFix team has been able to piece together.

Amber, 39, and Robin, 53,  met through friends ten years ago and have been dating ever since. Amber, who is originally from the Bay area,  is a massage therapist who has her own private practice. She attended the Swedish Institute of Health Sciences and previously worked at the clothing store Bergen and Stevens, according to Linked In.

The two have been photographed together a few times -- usually with other people -- and have been the subject of rumors on gay and lesbian blogs for years.

Just this past year, they have been more visible together -- in July, when Robin won the ESPN's Arthur Ashe Award For Courage, Amber -- a beautiful blonde -- was seated beside Robin and her sister Sally Ann.


in August, Robin, Amber and some other friends went on a Hawaiian vacation together (photo at top of post). Amber and Robin even took a silhouette picture together.


Robin we are happy for you!

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    1. ImOpining says:

      This is old news. No surprise here.

    2. Angela Flowers says:

      Wow, even gay black women don’t date black! What a shame, all this self hate and gay needs to stop!

      • WisdomTooth says:

        Stop being so cliché. How is it self hate? Does the white woman she’s dating also display self hate, you failed to mention that in your “intelligent” post? Maybe if more black women were less “hood” then other gay black women and heterosexual black men would find them appealing and datable.

        • Sug says:

          Really…Less “Hood”. It’s amazing how we hide behind post and text. With all the “Reality TV” going on, we get to see how “Hood” all cultures really are.

          • WisdomTooth says:

            Yes, really less hood. With all the “reality tv” black women still come off as more hood, and less intelligent.

            • Kitty Alexander says:

              SOME black women just like SOME white women come off as ignorant and obnoxious. It’s very ignorant to lump ALL black women together because you DO NOT know every black woman out there.

      • sharon says:

        WOW, I had no idea. Good for her, life is too short and unpredictable. I really hope both ladies are happy. I am a black educated straight female who believes LOVE is a beautiful thing and knows no colour or gender. That comment about black women being hood is a very ignorant stereotype. Most of us are pretty decent people. You should not label a whole gender based on one ignorant persons rant and rave.

      • Paulgary Allbritton says:

        my god, when will you folks mind your own business.Two consenting
        adults have a right to make up their minds as to who they want to be
        with.Will this black or white thing ever go away?I say
        to Robin and mate”be happy”you have only yourselves to please
        and to hell with the rest if they don’t accept you.

      • chloe says:

        You obviously don’t know what you are talking about. Queen latifah and Raven symone among other famous gay black woman all have black girlfriends. Maybe you are the one with the self hate. What difference does it make what color they are? As long as they find love and happiness with each other. You need to work on your issues.Good luck with that.

      • Ugly Flowers says:

        Your views and opinions are mean and shameful! I think you must have lots of self-hate. If you want to post, be nice.

      • Lisa says:

        wow….. your parents were obviously related.!

      • P D says:

        What? Because she doesn’t want Cock and likes pink?

    3. Sassylady89 says:

      That news right there is probably what killed Robin’s mother. We just got the shock of our life. Shame on you Robin!!!

      • SassierLady90 says:

        Shame on your mum Sassylady89. I’m sure she taught you better than that.

      • sassy biatchi says:

        That is the most awful think to say! You must really have issues, love is love. Doesnt matter if your black and white or purple and green. Wishing you more understanding and less disrespect.

      • Knicks 4 Life says:

        Sassy and stupid. Really, do you think Robin just came out as gay yesterday or 10 years ago? Her mother knew who she was.

      • Lisa says:

        Sassy you and your sister Angela a few posts up are so lucky they let you use computers in the special needs school. Did your parents go to jail for being brother and sister and having children?

    4. gorgonzo says:

      Disgusting, a lesbo and a lesbo mudshark.

      • yesextremly GONZO says:

        Your need to take a look at your life, disgusting, Try disrespect, rude, crude. I dont know who taught you your values but change is good. Glad we are not friends or even related. Sorry hurtful is hurtful. Man! Not any loving woman I know would make a rather disturbing post such as that

      • Lisa says:

        Gonzo I am so sad for you sir that you have spent your entire life alone. You need a good xtra large penis up your rear, that’ll put a big smile on your face and I’m sure lots of other people too, you moron. You must have one of those flat heads that babies get when nobody ever picks them up….no room for a brain.

    5. TRAVON STUPID says:

      geee look below at Sharon’s post.. she had no idea. LOL..

    6. TRAVON STUPID says:

      Note to you liberals: Just you wait this Sodom and Gommorah crap will ultimately bring vengence in many ways. If you are normal, you couldn’t imagine in your wildest dreams bunking down with another of your own. It’s sick and depraved.

    7. S Barrte says:

      We should all have compassion for Robin, and not be mean. She needs love as all of us do, but she needs the real love of God. I don’t judge same-sex relationship and no one else should. God is the judge. We need to pray for Robin’s and her girlfriend’s salvation, because with such life style, we know that they cannot enter the kingdom of God according to 1st Corinthians 6, verses 9-10. People, don’t let your hearts be cold. Have the same compassion as Christ, and continue to pray for this couple. It is not God’s will that anyone should perish, but many will because they choose to live the way that they want and not the way that God wants us to live for his Glory. God bless, and remember, pray without ceasing.

      • Kitty Alexander says:

        Based on YOUR beliefs. Your belief in your religion is simply a statement of opinion, You worry about your salvation as it relates to YOUR religion and leave others alone.

    8. thetruth says:

      It was obvious she is a ditch licker. no surprise.

    9. SeattleAD says:

      I am not surpirsed but am very happy she feels this comfortable being herself and letting the world know who she is. Good luck to you Robin!!!!!

    10. Nottheusual1 says:

      Why are Christians so judgmental when their God reserves that space for Himself?

      Garden variety hypocrisy?

    11. braniff1 says:

      with the black on black violence one can’t be too careful, white women more passive. but good for robin, rocking robin deserves something good coming her way

    12. angela flowers says:

      god will surely judge her as she is sin.

    13. all gays burn in HELL says:


    14. Mary Hare says:

      I really have no one in this war or words here! Robin Roberts I think was glad there was not a lot of chatter about this topic. Robin to me is a classy lady who only deserves the best-she has had a hard life..

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