That’s Not A Very Pro-Vegan Shirt Beyonce!

Posted on December 7th, 2013 at 9:49 am

Jay Z announced this week that he and wife Beyonce were giving up meat, dairy, eggs and going Vegan for 22 days this month.

And while they may be keeping that promise food wise by visiting trendy LA Vegan Restaurant Crossroads Cafe on Friday, Beyonce might not be getting onboard with the full Vegan lifestyle.

You see, most Vegans eschew many products made from animals as well.  Including leather and suede goods.

But not only did Beyonce appear to be wearing a suede and leather top, it was in the form of a cow's hide pattern!

Someone must be craving a steak really bad.

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    1. Guest says:

      Seriously? Come on rumor fix you’re suppose to prove a rumor not start one! How do you know the shirt’s not faux? And tons of animal print and faux fir looking clothes are acceptable!

    2. Miguel says:

      Thats cow leather and it looks terrible. Not hating but her hair weave is kind of weak. Bee your too rich & classy for that. Plus you don’t want your clones up stagging you (Kim & Tamar). LOL

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