Rihanna Ignores PETA Plea, Steps Out In Full Length Fur

Posted on December 16th, 2013 at 12:19 pm

riri13People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - a.k.a. PETA - made a public plea to Rihanna last week to stop wearing fur.

They asked her "whenever someone with so much good fortune and wealth fails to show even the slightest bit of mercy for the animals who are beaten, electrocuted, and skinned alive for fur, it is cause for disgust. No fur coat can warm an ice-cold heart. We urge Rihanna to watch the video here and challenge her to remain unmoved.”

Either RiRi didn't watch the video, or she doesn't care cause she was spotted out Sunday night wearing the same full length fur that she was spotted in last week when PETA made their case to her.

Not only that, she wasn't using the fur to go glam...she paired the fur it with jeans and a pair of casual trainers.

At least it's the same coat and not a different fur.


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