RHOBH: Brandi Glanville Defends “Racist” Remark Made Toward Joyce Giraud

Posted on December 10th, 2013 at 6:34 am

Celebs Doing An Interview For "Extra"Brandi Glanville was under fire Monday night after the star made some "racist" comment during the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode.

The star said her co-star Joyce Giraud de Ohoven is like a "black person" because she cannot swim.

The reality star called in to Watch What Happens Live to both defend herself and to apologize.

"I know what I said was definitely inappropriate, but I say a lot of inappropriate things. It definitely was not sensitive and I apologize to anyone I offended," Brandi told host Andy Cohen, adding, "But to be honest with you, my friends and I joke with each other this way and they're from all different backgrounds. So I'm sorry and I guess TV's not ready for the real Brandi, but should I censor myself? Is that gonna be exciting?"

But does Glanville deem her remark as racist? "I think it was definitely inappropriate. I'm the least racist person of all time. I think the more you defend it, the more you look guilty, so I don't really have to say that much more. I am very sorry with whomever I defended. Defended. Offended. Sorry, my phone is ringing."

Soon after the call, Brandi tweeted, "I'm sorry for whomever I offended with my insensitive joke, I'm not racist Im just inappropriate 90 percent of the time!"

What do you think? Is the star being racist, or just being Brandi?


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    1. LondonReader says:

      No apology should ever include the word “but”.

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