Paul Walker’s Management Confirms Daughter Meadow Did Not Witness Father’s Fatal Accident

Posted on December 4th, 2013 at 5:05 am

Contrary to reports, Paul Walker's daughter Meadow, did not witness the fatal car accident that led to her father's death on Saturday.

On Tuesday, the actor's management took to Paul's Facebook page to refute claims that the 15-year-old saw the fiery crash.


"It is unfortunate that claims are being made to the media that Paul's daughter Meadow was at the event on Saturday when the accident occurred," Walker's people wrote, "We want to clarify that Paul went to the event alone. Meadow was not at the charity event on Saturday and thankfully, did not witness the accident. Any claims stating otherwise are inaccurate."

Also, many people have been making up fake accounts for the young woman, but her father's management has also confirmed that the teen is not on any form of social media. "Sadly, there's also numerous people creating fake social media profiles claiming to be Meadow. "We would like everyone to know that Meadow does not have any public profiles and is not active on social media. We ask that her privacy be respected at this time."


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