Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi Bashes Media For Coverage On Celebrity Baby Weight Gain

Posted on December 26th, 2013 at 1:53 pm

snooki-on-christmasIn her new book, Baby Bumps, Snooki opens up about the hardships she faced when the media was covering her post-baby weight loss.

Although the pint-sized reality star lost a significant amount of weight just months after giving birth to her first son Lorenzo, the former Jersey Shore starlet says it's no walk in the part, especially when the tabloids are involved.

Nicole Polizzi rants about the media coverage of celebs who are pregnant and new parents, saying, "Tabloid monitoring of how fast women lose the baby weight is practically a blood sport. Some women have been mocked cruelly for it."

“If you weren’t on the cover of In Touch Weekly in a bikini within two months of giving birth to talk about your salsa workout, you were a fat, lazy loser," she says, adding, “how Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian … were tracked and criticized in the media" after giving birth to their kids.

Snooks continues, “Awful! Worrying about weight gain made the nine months even harder. The one bright spot of pregnancy was eating whatever you wanted.”

Baby Bumps hits shelves January 14.

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    1. Grr says:

      I like how she disses the media that made her famous, you know, like the other celebrities that don’t do anything… Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson (what was the last song she did?), etc. STFU Snooki, the media machine is part of being famous, if you don’t like it STAY OUT OF THE PUBLIC EYE!

    2. Guest says:

      While I whole heartily agree with the nastiness of tabloids hounding women regarding their post baby bodies I completely disagree with her comment it’s a time to eat whatever you want. Well, sry that’s not true. Many girls go into pregnancy with this idea and end up with weight issues that can cause health issues during or after birth. When you get pregnant the idea is to prepare for the hike of your life during childbirth! Not only are you preparing for a huge stress physicall but you’re also giving your unborn child the best nutrients you can while in your tummy.

      As for the tabloids….BUTT OUT! The only person who should be concerned about her post pregnancy body is the person who gave birth! Tabloids are the scum of what journalism represents! I’ll go as far as to also say the people reading and buying into the shameless *** hack hack*** ‘reporting’ are uneducated and have too much spare time on their hands!

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