Justin Bieber: Just A “19-Year-Old Boy” Who Is Bullied By The Media

Posted on December 9th, 2013 at 1:08 pm

biebs1Justin Bieber has been doing all he can to make us think he's a grown man and not a child anymore - from trying to grow a mustache to visiting Brazilian brothels.

But the Biebs claims he is misunderstood -  because the 19-year-old is now describing himself as just a "boy"!

Justin appeared on Ryan Seacrest's radio show Monday morning to promote his upcoming documentary Justin Bieber's Believe, the follow up to his previous film Never Say Never.

“I think Never Say Never showed hope and I think Believe is how you get back up when you fall down and really that story of what’s going on behind the scenes,” Justin shared.

“People don’t get to see me living as a 19-year-old boy. I’m still finding myself and when I have the media attacking me everyday, it’s no [different] than bullying that happens in school. I think this movie really shows who I am as a person - of course I make mistakes growing up, and I’m not perfect - people forget I’m a human being [and] I have to make mistakes and grow stronger.”

Justin definitely has had his share of "mistakes" as an adult....like  lying about visiting brothels, vandalizing hotel walls, urinating in restaurant kitchen buckets, outraging hockey fans by handling the Stanley Cup, desecrating the Argentinian flag, cutting a concert short and storming offstage cause someone threw water at him, engaging in nightclub beat-downs, smoking weed, constant run in's with the law over speeding, and our personal favorite, having his bodyguards CARRY HIM up the Great Wall of China

And all of these things happened after he turned 18. So yeah, we have seen plenty of Justin living as a "19-year-old boy" and making mistakes.   

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