Fantasia Nearly Naked Photo

Posted on December 23rd, 2013 at 7:00 am

Fullscreen capture 12232013 120858 AMWhat is it with celebrities and nearly nude selfies?!

The singer took to her Instagram over the weekend to show off her post-workout body, captioning the flick,  "After A Good Workout she Hits the STEAM ROOM."

Fantasia posed in a sexy set of sparkly purple bra and panties.  

    • Ridiculous

      I really like Fantasia but instead of posting juvenile pictures on instagram she should be working on common since. She is to old for this. She has two kids one in school. Kids in school are going to tease her daughter about her mom being naked, very embarrassing. Grow up Fanny

    • rdfdf

      fantasia is a grow women she can wear what ever she wants aint nobody talking about beyonce

    • carlton

      I like to meet fantaosha